Wednesday, May 12

Told ya so

You can't be mad at me, I warned you that I most likely wouldn't update this with any regularity. Part of the problem I have come to realize is that I know absolutely nothing about websites, blogs included. If it doesn't start with "face" or end with "" then I probably don't know much about it.

Yesterday was my best friends 25th birthday and this afternoon I saw that her 25th birthday inspired her to start her own blog and honestly it reminded me of this blog that I started back on Feb 19th, I am a bad bad blogger. I figured if Shannon can blog and me be interested in it, then I can blog and she can be interested in mine, therefore I would have at least 1 follower. So Shannon if you are out there, Danke for the inspiration.

I have more that I want to say, something that could probably be posted another time, but I don't want to risk more than one post today (a little bit of an overkill right off the bat don't ya think). Why is my blog named Monkey Loo?

Well, honestly I didn't want to have a blog called "Chelle's Blog". I need something more creative, something that told a little bit about my personality, but that wasn't crazy. Then I remembered my Grandma and how she called me Monkey Loo when I was younger and I thought it sounded cute, it also played into a little knock knock joke and I already told ya I love knock knock jokes. She also called me snot blossom and doodlebug, but ask yourself, would you really want to read a blog called "Snot Blossom"? Didn't think so.

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