Wednesday, May 12

Peppers anyone?

So I lied, I come back for another post. I decided that while I was eager to updated my blog I might as well do it, and suddenly all of things things that I could post about came to mind.

Today is a big day for me, the first harvest from my garden. I planted a garden. I tilled the land, used my hands to nestle the little plants safely in the ground, fertilized, and watered it (thanks to an strategically placed irrigation system). And today I realized the fruits or veggies of my labor. 4 little peppers. 1 Banana pepper and 3 Jalapenos. Hopefully my squash are next but are being stubborn. So for now I will relish in my success.

Matt and I half joke about opening a produce stand, aptly named Deuce's Wild Produce in honor or our dog. We think set up next to the right highway that it can be quite a successful venture, and now I am one step closer to achieving this "dream".

Yay me!

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Shannon said...

I'm already have 4 followers! Love the peppers!

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