Sunday, January 30

Sassy and Classy on SAG Sunday

Honestly, I don't get into Hollywood award shows.  I really don't care who wins.  When it comes to movies or TV shows I like what I like, and to be truthful, they usually aren't something that will be found at the top of the best picture list.  When awards season rolls around, there is one thing that I do love and relate to, the fashion.  I can't wait for the day after so I can go to People or PerezHilton and see a quick recap of all of Hollywood's fanciest ladies (sorry, men, but there is only one way to wear a suit, and it isn't that exciting).

So I thought I would share a few of my favorites from tonight's show:

Christina Hendricks
In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die."  Seriously every time I see this bombshell red-head, she makes my head spin.  She is always so beautiful and she rocks her curvy body like no-one else.  I def think her black number was a good choice.  I have put a letter out to her stylist to come to my house and dress me everyday.  A girl can dream.

Mariska Hargitay
The blue jewel color of her dress makes me want to get in my car and drive to the fabric store.  After seeing her in this I am convinced that if I managed to wrap my body in the same alluring hue, that I would look as flawless as Mariska.  They producers of Law and Order SVU, should grab a mit and catch a clue, making this her standard uniform would bring up ratings for sure!

Rosario Dawson
I also think that she looks effortless and flawless.  My favorite part?  Her green earrings!

And it is only fair for me to give a dis or two right?

Sorry gals, but I was not of fan or yours tonight.  Stripes?  Maybe, but in orange/black/pink?  Most certainly not.  And Ms. Sarandon, the combo of the hair and dress make you look more mother of the bride and less queen of the red carpet.

Who did you love and loathe tonight?

P.S.  After a late night run to the grocery store to buy more Popsicles, I am pretty sure that my husband is one away from turning into one of these frozen concoctions.  I am also convinced that one more Popsicle stick and I will be able to successfully build this lamp.
Just Kidding, I need at least two more. 

Saturday, January 29

Cake Balls aren't my friend.

I am sure you have heard of Bakerella, if you haven't you should check her out.  She as a super sweet cute website that revolves around, you guessed it...Baking!  She makes the most adorable cake balls, among other things.  My mom knows that I like to be in the kitchen so for Christmas she got me Bakearella's cakebook.
I loved it!
I read through and I decided the other night that it was time to tackle this culinary delight. Now, normally, I would pick out the hardest thing, be determined to do make it work, and then be infinitely disappointed when they didn't turn out just like her's.  However, this time I decided to start at the most basic level...
Just a plain ol' cake ball.
I used vanilla frosting and confetti cake because well...that is all I like.
I followed the instructions to the "T".
Mixed with the right amount of frosting so they were not to mushy, but would stick together.  I froze them for 15 min before I dipped them, but that is where the problems started...the dipping.  Everytime I would try to dip one, it would fall of in the chocolate, never to be seen again...
You probably could already guess that mine didn't turn out quite so fabulous.  I don't know what I did wrong, but I am definitely thinking that I am not ready to move on to one of the more challenging "pops"
Such as these sweet sheep:

I can admit that they did taste good, and that is not a biased opinion, Matt and our Tuesday nights dinner guest Chuck both agreed.  They just weren't so pretty.
I cut the recipe in half and it ended up making about 30 balls, and out of those 30, I got ONE, ball pretty enough to take a picture of:
Let's face it, it still isn't ALL that pretty, see the candy coating all clumped up at the bottom?

Has anyone else tried to make these before, have any tips or tricks that I need to know?
Am I destined to be a cake ball bomb?

Friday, January 28

And the winner is...

"Golf Clap, Golf Clap, Golf Clap"

Thats right, the Langford's are the winners of the 1st annual Fort Stewart Guys and Dolls Two Man Golf Scramble.  It was pretty glamorous.
For those of you that don't know, a scramble means that you both hit a ball off of the tee box, then you pick the better of the two shots and hit your next shots from there, you keep doing this until one of you get it in the hole.  Sounds simple enough, right.  It is relatively easy when you are playing with a golf ace like Matt.  The first time we played in a scramble we took, one, count them one, of my shots.  I was so disappointed.

However, in 2011, I have a feeling that golf is going to be my game!  This time we used 9, thats right, nuevo, shots that I hit which averages out to a shot a hole, go me! Including a bad ass 3-wood that hit the green from 175 yards...over water!  When I hit that shot I actually jumped up and down and yelled like a little girl, "yay, yay, yay!"   I think Matt was slightly embarrassed, but that was counteracted by the fact that my ball landed less than 10 feet from the hole.

On another note, aside from the  9 good shots I made, I had a bunch of "ok" shots, and a few "WTF" shots.  One shining moment included me dead centering a pine tree about 75 yards down the fairway, I couldn't do that again if I tried.

All in all we had a really great time, I enjoy going and playing golf with Matt, especially in this type of event, because even though there is a prize on the line, we don't take it so seriously and we have fun, win or lose
I am pretty sure that I have officially earned myself an invitation to play in another scramble.  We won with a 36.  The prize wasn't that glamorous, it was a free Valentine's Day brunch for two at Club Stewart.

Saturday, January 22

T-O-M-A-T-O Spells Sandwich

It does.  I promise, I used spell check.  Okay, fine, it doesn't spell sandwich technically.  But to me, when I see a tomato I think about one thing and one thing only...a sandwich.  I would marry love love love a tomato sandwich.  Have we reached the point of this post yet?  Nope, I still need to say tomato at least 10 more times.  January isn't prime tomato season, that comes during the summer, but I can still make do with the produce that the grocery stores manage to scrounge together this time of year.

Only three ingredients needed.  1. Bread 2. Mayo 3. Tomato
Yes, this is my sandwich, er...sandwiches, there were two of them.

I could eat this once a day for the rest of my life if only someone would drop by my house with a fresh loaf of white bread and a bag of juicy red tomatoes for my disposal.  It works out even better for me that Matt doesn't like tomatoes because that means...I don't have to share.

At this point I need to give a shout out to the only person I know that loves a tomato sandwich as much as me, Heather Young.  I miss the lunches with her in which between the two of us we could wipe out an entire loaf of bread and half a dozen tomatoes.

Wednesday, January 19

Open Mouth, Insert Cookie

I had a sweet tooth yesterday, inspired by my Double Stuff Brownies (you can find that here), I decided to try something new.  May I introduce you to Reese's Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies.  Think about it, roll that around on your tongue for a little likin' it.  Yeah, that just happened!
The concept is simple, take a already delicious cookie and make it even more delicious by stuffing it with the most awesomely delicious candy that was ever created.  Shall we proceed?

All you really need is a bag of cookie mix and the Reese's.  I cheat and buy the bag mix, because I am not an overachiever that makes my own cookie mix, and by overachiever I mean, I do not like to do the extra dishes.  Do you notice those Reese's?  So cool, never seen them like this before.  I struggled with whether or not to buy an entire bag because we all know...I would eat what I didn't use in the cookies, and technically I would be eating those too.  This way they break off into perfectly square pieces.

Mix it up and drop into rounded tablespoons onto wax paper.  I found that I needed each to be this size in order to wrap around the chocolate square.  I should have put them in the freezer for a little bit, but I was excited to get my cookie on.

Take one rounded ball of dough and press the Reese's into it, mashing the dough up the sides.

 Take a second ball of dough and completely  cover and encase the Reese's.  This is why freezing them would have helped, the warmth of my hands and the dough kind of made a mess (totally worth it).

 Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 for about 11-13 min.  
The Result? 
A big banging cookie.
 Trust me when I say, these are dangerous.  When they are hot out of the oven, oh man...back away from your mom because you will slap her (love you mom!).  I only made six because that meant between me, Matt, and our guest we would have to limit ourselves to two and therefore would not be gluttonous slobs.

Nom Nom Nom!
I feel like I have to add this disclaimer:
Yes, I had a band-aid on, you can reference yesterday's post for more information.  Also, I used no glass in the making of these cookies.

Tuesday, January 18

Walking On...Walking On...Broken Gla-a-a-sss.

I go into my kitchen with good intentions, to clean up.  Never did I think that I was about to have a horrifying experience in which my life flashed before my eyes.  I was simply trying to put away some new glasses that we got from the Battalion Ball on Friday night (blog post about that to come later), and then all of a sudden, glasses, shards of glass, and more glass were falling at my face.  What did I do?  Apparently the shelf wasn't supported adequately to hold the weight of 5 glasses, the shelf tipped and chaos ensued.

I panicked, I didn't have shoes on or pants on (it was still early don't judge), I was frozen.  Trying to move would have been like navigating a sea of broken glass.  I have a couple of small slices on my arms where the shards came at me from the cabinet, I fairly deep cut on my pinkie finger, and a gouge out of my thumb.  There was lots of blood.  That isn't all, I also, in my bare footed attempt to escape the madness that was swimming on my kitchen floor, I stepped on a small microscopic "shard o' death" and it embedded it self in my second toe.  I had to channel Macguyver and with the use of a lighter (for sterilization) and a safety pin (makeshift scalpel) I operated and removed the death shard.  There was more blood.

It was a rough morning.
I couldn't get the entire path of destruction in one photo, but you get the point.

"Shard o' Death"

The Cabinet

Box of Glass that we collected from the floor.

My heart is still racing from the experience.

Monday, January 17

Black Swan was a Black Hole

After a lazy morning around the house we finally decided to shlep ourselves to Savannah and see a movie.  I had really been wanting to see Black Swan.  It had been raved about as a future award winner, so it was easy to convince Matt to go with me, he is really into movies like that.  I on the other hand are more into low brow comedies and children's movies.  You know the kind that don't really require much thought.
So...Black Swan it was.

I won't go into a lot of detail in case some of you still want to see it.  An hour into the movie we were still saying, "something good is about to happen" or "oh, surely it is about to get good".  Sadly, we were still saying that at the end of the movie.  It was weird.  I don't understand what was supposed to be good about it.

  Yes, Natalie Portman did a good job acting, but I still didn't really like it.  That's my prerogative right? Also, I will admit that the ballet scenes were good and at times beautiful, but I am not really that into the ballet.  I don't know, it just wasn't exactly the thriller/drama I had anticipated in my  mind.  Some of you no doubt will probably go see this and say to yourself, "What was Chelle talking about, this is amazing", a few of my friends already have seen it and loved it.  So go see it and decide for yourself.
I do know one thing, I will have a hard time cutting my finger nails from now on.  
I wish we had just gone and seen Country Strong.  I knew better than to listen to the critics (whoever they are).

Sunday, January 16

What to know what is ridiculous?

My husband...there I said it.
Matt is ridiculous, in a good way of course.  If you know us, me or my husband, you know that there are two particular things he loves to do, golf and hunting.  He is very good at both of them and very passionate as well.  

His ability to recall a golf shot that he made on the 4th hole at the Twin Pines Golf Course in August of his sophomore year of high school amazes me.  But the point of this post is hunting.  I am also astonished that he can find his way out of the woods without a flash light, or his ability to find the exact tree that he climbed that one time he went hunting with this 2nd cousin in October of 1999 literally blows. my. mind. 

When we drive down the road, any road, he is always scanning the wood line, looking for a deer.  I have even found that this is a habit that has rubbed off on me.  He can see a "rub" or a "hooking" from a mile away.  For those of you that don't know, this is simply a place on a small tree/sappling that a buck has rubbed the bark off, a sign of his dominance. (I told you he has rubbed off on me) I say all of this prep the story I am about to tell you.

This afternoon Matt and I ventured to this wildlife management area down the road from our house to walk around and look, really we just wanted to take Duece somewhere and get out of the house.  As we walked we saw tons of deer tracks, Duece and Matt both found this very exciting.  After walking around for a while we decided to get in the truck and drive.  That is when it happened.  Matt saw a "rub".  Huh, I squinted and still didn't see it.  He exclaimed to me that it wasn't right there by the truck where a non-hunting mind would be able to see it, it was actually right over "there" over the river and through the woods (to grandmother's house we go).  I documented this amazing talent of his with this photo:
Can you see it to?  
This picture was taken directly out of the truck window and I was technically closer to the tree than we was.  
Just in case...
Now you see it, in that little highlighted bubble?
See, I told you.  Ridiculous.

But you know what...he knows it and he owns it and that is why I love him.  
What crazy "talent" does your husband have?

Wednesday, January 12

So What Wednesday

I can't believe that it is Wednesday again already, this past week went by SO fast.


So what if:
  • I have a vase of dead flowers on my table, the gross dead flower water is keeping me from touching it.
  • The dress I am wearing to the ball this weekend is a little tight.
  • I agreed to teach 8th graders how to set equations equal to each other, but I have no idea how to do that myself.
  • I wear the same pair of track pants two or three times a week
  • We forgot to take the trash can to the curb this morning, I am fine with it just piling up on the front porch.
  • I don't scoop my dogs dooty in my own backyard
  • I run the dryer two times because I keep wanting to fluff up the close
  • I talk for my dog in a voice that I imagine to be his.

What are you saying "so what" to this week?
Join in at Shannon's Linky party and let her know what you think!


Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 10

Going to the Drive In

Matt and I decided to switch things up from the normal weekend routine.  Just down the road about 15 miles is a drive-in theater.  We pass it every time we go home to Mississippi and we always talk about how we need to go see a movie there.   I was so excited Saturday morning when Matt suggested we go.

Drive-in theaters are a thing of the past and in my opinion it is very rare that you find one that is open all the time.  The Jesup Drive-in is open every weekend and for $7.50 you get to see a double feature.  I definitely think in the time we have left in GA that we are going to make this a frequent event.

If you ask me, this is THE way to see a movie. Comfortable seats?  Check.  Sound as loud as you want?  Check.  Affordable prices? Check.  We realized that we can even bring the dog with us, so next time Duece might get to come see the show.

Saturday, January 8

I asked for a drink...

Last night Matt's unit had another Hail and Farewell.  During the middle of all of the hailing and farewelling (which lasted a LONG time) I asked for a drink.  

My jaw hit the floor...I got an ocean.
We had to take the picture next to Matt's beer for a frame of reference.


For the record.  I did not drink that entire thing.  I did not even drink half of it.  Now, checking my receipt from our tab, I am pretty sure they forgot to charge us for it.  Oops.

Thursday, January 6

A day of double firsts for me

Today was a day of firsts for me.  

1.  I got a spray tan.
I have a military ball coming up and I really didn't want to look like this
So Jenn (my super fun friend) convinced me that I needed a spray tan.  I was worried, and honestly, everyone who as considered a spray tan for the first time should be.  If you aren't all you have to do is google "spray tan" and you will find a picture like this:

If you can look at this picture (or any cast mate of the jersey shore) and not be worried, then you are braver than I am.  I obviously couldn't let the day of the ball be the first time I ever did it just in case ended up somewhere between Snooki and Oompa Loompa, so I went today.  I still can't give you my verdict, but so good.  I did have a mini moment of panic in Wal-mart a little bit ago when Matt stopped me in the aisle, looked at me with a little smirk (and look of pity) and told me that one side of my nose was brown.  I have decided to wait until I can shower to give my final opinion of the process.

The hardest part was trying to remember to do the "poses" the right way so I got sprayed in all the right places, and trying not to fall, cause believe was slippery.  All in all, relatively painless.

2.  I ROYALLY messed up supper.  To start off, I decided I would try something new with the sweet potatoes instead of just doing regular fries.  I sliced them really thin in effort to bake them into sweet potato chips.  It was going good until I forgot they were in the oven.  By the time I remembered them, they looked more like lava rock.
You be the judge: that was a tough one to admit to my husband.
Oh, hold gets better. The Jambalaya didn't turn out much better.  I confess, I don't make it from scratch.  I use a box mix courtesy of Zatarains.  Usually, on a normal day, it is delicious.  Tonight, it just didn't work.  The rice never soaked up the water and it just floated around looking like lost rice at sea.  After cooking it for 15 min longer than in recommended, I gave up.  For the second time I admitted defeat to Matt by breaking the news to him that we need to go get something for supper.
That is how we ended up at brown nose and all.

I must acknowledge that in the almost 4 years that I have been married, this is the first time that we had to leave the house to get supper because I was unable to serve something semi-edible.  I just keep telling win some you burn lose some.
At least I have a good tan!


Wednesday, January 5

So What?

Another awesomely fabulous blog that I follow has been doing "So What Wednesdays" for a while now, and today I decided to join in with Mrs. Dew at Life After I Dew and come up with my own Wednesday so what list.


So what:
  • If I stay in my pajamas until 11 am.  I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, so why should I dirty up a towel?
  • If I drink out of a glass one time and then put it in the dishwasher.
  • If I watch re-runs of Top Chef All-Stars until I can recite the show by heart.
  • If I forget to start the dryer sometimes.
  • If I close the door to the spare room in efforts to pretend that the clothes are going to fold and put themselves away?  
  • If I had dill pickle chips and coke zero for breakfast.
  • If I may or may not have snacked on chocolate dipped pretzels while watching the Biggest Loser.
  • If I sometimes go to the store without a real reason other than I just want to buy something.
  • If my husband and I have insanely stupid nickname for our dog, and sometimes actually use them in front of people.
What are you saying "So What" to today?  Head over to Shannon's Blog and join in on the fun!


Tuesday, January 4

The brownies that will cure all the bad in the world

Oreo Stuffed Brownies.  Yes, that just happened.  

In fact these brownies made Matt declare, "Dang baby, you are the brownie queen."  
I take that as a serious compliment, because Matt is a brownie lover of the biggest kind.  I am not going to take all of the credit, Jenny at Picky Palate featured this recipe on her blog, and I stumbled upon it looking for an update to the regular ole' brownies I had been making.  I must give you fair warning.  These are NOT healthy (most good things aren't).
Grab a napkin cause your gonna need it.

Oreos (Double Stuff, is there any other kind?) and Brownie Mix

Prepare brownie mix as directed in a large bowl, do not pour into baking dish.

Dip the Oreo using a spoon into your brownie batter, make sure that the cookie gets nice and coated.  Go ahead and use your hands to, don't be afraid to get dirty.  Trust me, it's worth it.

Once you have the Oreo sufficiently coated in batter...

Place each coated Oreo into a well greased muffin pan.

Cook for approx 15 or until you can tell that your brownies are done.  As soon as you pull them out of the oven, use a knife to remove your slice of heaven cookie.  Let cool just a little bit. 


He was happy, and that is the way I like it.
I have officially been banned from making "regular" brownies ever again.
Do you still have that napkin?  Now would be a good time to wipe up the drool.

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