Wednesday, January 12

So What Wednesday

I can't believe that it is Wednesday again already, this past week went by SO fast.


So what if:
  • I have a vase of dead flowers on my table, the gross dead flower water is keeping me from touching it.
  • The dress I am wearing to the ball this weekend is a little tight.
  • I agreed to teach 8th graders how to set equations equal to each other, but I have no idea how to do that myself.
  • I wear the same pair of track pants two or three times a week
  • We forgot to take the trash can to the curb this morning, I am fine with it just piling up on the front porch.
  • I don't scoop my dogs dooty in my own backyard
  • I run the dryer two times because I keep wanting to fluff up the close
  • I talk for my dog in a voice that I imagine to be his.

What are you saying "so what" to this week?
Join in at Shannon's Linky party and let her know what you think!


Happy Hump Day!

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