Wednesday, January 5

So What?

Another awesomely fabulous blog that I follow has been doing "So What Wednesdays" for a while now, and today I decided to join in with Mrs. Dew at Life After I Dew and come up with my own Wednesday so what list.


So what:
  • If I stay in my pajamas until 11 am.  I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, so why should I dirty up a towel?
  • If I drink out of a glass one time and then put it in the dishwasher.
  • If I watch re-runs of Top Chef All-Stars until I can recite the show by heart.
  • If I forget to start the dryer sometimes.
  • If I close the door to the spare room in efforts to pretend that the clothes are going to fold and put themselves away?  
  • If I had dill pickle chips and coke zero for breakfast.
  • If I may or may not have snacked on chocolate dipped pretzels while watching the Biggest Loser.
  • If I sometimes go to the store without a real reason other than I just want to buy something.
  • If my husband and I have insanely stupid nickname for our dog, and sometimes actually use them in front of people.
What are you saying "So What" to today?  Head over to Shannon's Blog and join in on the fun!



Caitlin said...

Found your blog on Mrs. Dew's link up and love it! Your posts are so cute and I can't wait to try those yummy looking brownies from your last post soon! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Chelle said...

Thanks Caitlin, hope you have a great week!

Shannon said...

OMG when I was home I was in PJs till WELL after noon!

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