Friday, January 27

Hard Working Men

The men in my life are both hard workers.  I guess that explains why I found them like this yesterday afternoon.
 Is this what happens when I am in the kitchen making supper?

This recliner has magical powers.  I swear it does.  It puts people to sleep, like "I am not tired, don't want to close my eyes, wait, why can't I keep my eyes open any longer sleep."  It's powers are not lost on anyone in our family, especially the baby.  Put him in your arms, take him to the recliner, give him 10 mins, and its off to baby dreamland.  Trust me, magic powers like that come in handy a lot with a baby.  

And what is a blog without a classic cute baby trying to eat their hand picture?

Tuesday, January 24

Pretty Little Toes

I have a great husband.   Of course sometimes he is guilty of the normal mistakes that husbands make, but I too admit I make plenty of mistakes myself.  But I would say that 99% of the time he earns top marks is husband hood.

A few nights ago I challenged him to surprise me with something...anything.  I just wanted to be surprised.  Sometimes life can become really predictable and we could all use a little surprise from time to time.  Like I said surprises can be anything, and honestly I expected him to show up one day when he got home from work with my favorite candy bar or say he was taking me to dinner.  He did neither of those things.  This is what he did:

That's right folks, a Matt Langford pedicure special.
Really blew me away here.  Like I said, a far cry from the dinner I was expecting.    So this afternoon, I got to enjoy a relaxing foot bath, a scrub, buffing, a nice rub, all capped of with blue nails!  This especially felt good considering the 4 miles that I logged today at the greenway.

Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Thursday, January 5

Two Things Thursday

There are two gems I want to leave you with today:
I often have this thought, and then I saw this and quickly changed my mind.  There are definitely things that Duece knows about me and the rest of the world most definitely does NOT need to know. Um K.


There is nothing new about this picture, if you have been on pinterest in the last century you have seen it pinned a million times.  But after today's death march run, I found it fitting.  I totally forgot how much it sucked to suck at running.  I. will. do. better.

Tuesday, January 3

Setting My Goal

I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  It makes me sad the number of people who promise to make a change in themselves (and don't follow through with it for more than a few weeks) all because of January 1.  I just don't do it.  Of course that doesn't apply to everyone out there, and kudos to all of you that resolve to change something and succeed at it.

That being said, what I am about to tell you will look strangely like a New Years Resolution.  Don't be is not, it is actually just a case of really unfortunate timing.

I am doing the Oak Barrel Half Marathon
Am I crazy?  Quite possibly.  But running seems to be all the craze these days and I am all about doing what the cool kids are doing (with the exception of making a resolution of course).
So on April 7, 2012, I will huff and puff my way through the hills of Lynchburg, TN in an effort to cross the finish line...ALIVE. 

But Chelle, this sounds and awful lot like a resolution to me.
I know it does, I told you it would.  Like I told you before, it is really just unfortunate timing that my goal of running a 1/2 marathon coincides with all of the other people that swear this year they are going to do XYZ. Today I am 7 weeks post-partum and finally got the go ahead from my doctor to start an exercise regime to include training for a half marathon.  

I joined the DailyMile.  Mostly because my friend Shannon from Why Not On A Tuesday wanted a friend on there, but also because it would give me a way to keep up with how often and how many miles I need to run.  So if you are feeling particularly feisty, you can find me on DailyMile!

Happy Trails!

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