Wednesday, November 14

My Excuse For Everything

Being a mom gives you an excuse for everything:
Why didn't you come to my party?  Sorry, I have a baby.
Why didn't you answer the phone?  Sorry, I have a baby.
Do you want to go see a movie?  That's after baby's bedtime, sorry.
Why do you have a spaghetti stain on your nice white shirt?  Well....the baby.
How come you haven't blogged for a hot minute?  THE BABY!

See how that works?
I'll admit.  I fell off the blogging band wagon right about the time I had a baby.  Valid excuse?  I think so.  They are hard work man.  You think your little sweet turd head two month old is exhausting, just wait until they are 10 months, and then a year old.  I made a few half-hearted attempts between having a baby and raising a baby to be a blogger again, but they were not successful.  Case in point- the last time I blogged was in June. In June I had a 7 month old and now I have a freaking 1 year old. 

Happy 1st Birthday Neil!
You are so funny, smart, and sweet.  
Thank you for being my excuse.
Love you!

Sunday, June 24

I can not tell a lie

Today I have struggled. It started off well enough but the afternoon wasn't kind to me.

-I cleaned up Neil's pee twice. Once in his pack n play and once one the front porch. I was trying to let him air out and he felt very to pee.

-I ate bad sushi. My mistake.

-I spent all afternoon in the bathroom. As far as I concerned Little Tokyo can go to h.e. double hockey sticks. To keep things real interesting I did it all with my hands behind my back a baby on my lap.

-I was attacked by squirrel that came out of a hole in the trash can. Not a good scenario for someone in the aforementioned situation. Lord help me!

-Lastly, I was approached at Walgreens in the parking lot to pick up someone's RX for them. It started with, "excuse me mam, I am not a druggie.". When I was hesitant to roll down my window they continued. "I ain't gonna attack you.". Umm, no thanks. And John Quinones, if that was being secretly recorded for your tv show...tough spit.

That's all I got folks.

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Thursday, June 14

Baby Boy is 7 months and might be an animal

My sweet little biscuit is 7 months old.  Holy cliche, where did the time go?  I know right!  I'll be completely honest with you, while I loved my little 7 lb bundle of joy for the first few months of his life, 7 months is way better.  Of course I am starting to realize how much I took for granted the fact I could leave him laying on my bed while I showered or the ability to lay them on a play mat in the living room so you could cook supper.  Those days are long gone.  But the trade off is remarkable.

A newborn is a lovable blob of baby, but a 7 month old is a diaper full of personality.

I get big gummy smiles in the morning, shrieks of laughter, and a sleepy head on my shoulder at night.  I know his likes and dislikes, where to tickle him to make him laugh, or that when he starts "singing" he will be out like a light in seconds.

At 7 months old I feel like I can safely say he sleeps through the night.  It was a long road to get there, and he technically has been doing it for almost two months now, but I have been afraid to talk about it for fear of jinxing it.  Now that I have crossed that bridge I am deathly afraid of going back to the 2 am wake-ups.  Neil sits up like a champ to play with his toys although normally he chooses to chew on Duece's nasty stuffed squirrel more than anything else.  It literally makes me cringe, but I appreciate that Duece is nice enough to share cause let's face it...the dog has some space issues.

Neil also knows that cords are off limits, but in baby language that obviously means, eat those cords.  We are full on in the stage of getting into things.  He may not be walking, but doing the army crawl will get you where you need to go and he knows it.  The funny thing is that most of the time he doesn't use his right leg, just drags it behind him because he has no choice.  This skill comes in handy when trying to get to the lamp cord, the tv cord, the computer charger, the iPad charger, or the high dryer.  I have resorted to strategically placing less interesting new toys around the living room in hopes that he will decide to actually play with one instead of pulling the lamp off of the end table.  As much as this new skills creates anxiety, I do love the fact that I can call his name, he will turn his head and scrawl (that's scoot crawl folks) over to me.

The kid can eat.  He has started to turn down his nose to bottles and much prefers the delicacies of pureed peaches and freshly mushed green beans.  This has become a struggle for us at bottle time, but we are working through it.  He totally thinks now that whatever is on my plate must be in his hands.  Because of this I have started to let him eat some food off my plate, which he thinks he loves.  In reality all he does is put it on his tongue for a few seconds before pushing it out of his mouth.  He'll figure it out because its food and he will find a way to get it in his belly.

Just in the last week he started growling, like an animal ( I will say animal because it isn't nice to compare your child to a demon).  I am not gonna like, it kind of freaks me out.  Its like watching an episode of Law and Order late at know it is gonna make it hard to sleep but you love it so you keep watching.  So he you, at me, at his toys, at his food.

Proof that he growls and eats plastic cords.

Watching Neil grow up is such a weird thing for me now, I know that everything I see him do, every new noise I hear him make, or the inquisitive look he gets on his face when he is figuring out a new toy is something that Matt doesn't get to see.  I rambled on in this blog about him today and I ask myself why at 7 months did I decide to spend so much time on it?  But the answer is simple.  When Matt was with us everyday I knew he got so see exactly what I saw.  Now we are in a different situation and I want to make sure I don't forget and Matt gets to "see" what I see.

Tuesday, June 12

I wasn't so much ticked off as I was ticked on and set on fire. Literally.

Took Neil on his first trip to "The Camp".  We were looking forward to a weekend filled with boat rides, fried seafood, and all around laziness.  Instead we got rain, laziness, and a what could potentially be a case of Lyme disease.  You see my friends,  one of the huge downfalls of moving back south (aside from the smothering humidity) is that I am once again forced to actually walk my dog.  Can you believe it?  At my parent's house and anywhere else I take him that isn't equipped with the lazy dog owners best friend, the fence, I have to physically leash him up and trot him up and down the road saying, "Poop Duece!".

On one said walk this weekend, in the particularly high swamp/grass on the side of the road, that was even nastier because of all of the rain, I picked up a little hitch hiker.

A tick on my butt-thigh.  Yes, my butt-thigh.  You know the part where your butt cheek and your thigh meet?  That one.  I can only guess he hoped on because he thought I was a can of cottage cheese, too bad he was disappointed to learn it was only fat white woman.  I was standing there talking to my dad, and subconsciously knew something wasn't right, so I reached around to check it out.  My dad said, "Why are you scratching your butt?" Embarrassed I said, "No, my thigh."  And since I didn't really know why I figured I might need to check it out in the mirror.  Off I went...

Have you ever tried to look at your butt-thigh up close in the mirror, apparently it isn't that easy.  Several acrobatic moves later I determined that it was in fact a tick and that it would require surgery to get it off.  Unfortunately they only people around to help me were Duece, Neil, and my dad.  Since Duece only respond to food and Neil hasn't quite perfected his surgical skills I had to ask my dad.  Could I have waited until my mom got there?   Yes, probably I could have, but I didn't want to risk Mr. Tick getting comfortable and setting up camp for good.  I thought it would merely require steady hands and tweezers.  WRONG.  Leaning over the counter top with your butt-thigh exposed while your dad comes at you with a lighter is not a fun thing.

Me:  "Is it going to burn me?"
Dad: "It shouldn't."

Um...sounds like a plan?  I think!?

While it did get a little warm, I never actually went up in flames (thank God).  Mr. Tick hadn't even started to dine on me because he was still flat as a rock.  He was disappointed about the whole cottage cheese thing, I tell ya. After my narrow escape, I had to give myself a full tick check in the bathroom.  It was a blast, you should try it sometime!

Sunday, June 3

Back in the 'Sip

It has been a crazy few weeks, but Neil and I (and Duecey) are back in Mississippi. For good? That is up in the air. Let's just say for the next little while at least. While I love being back "home", I wish it was under other circumstances. Matt left for his third (possibly final) deployment last week, so in true weenie army wife fashion I high tailed it back to humidity heaven Mississippi to the open arms of 4...count 'em 4 grandparents. Mama's gonna have some helpin hands! Can I get a hallelujah?

Cause let me tell you...this one is gonna be trouble.
The night before Matt left we went to dinner. It was the first time that Neil got to sit in a high chair at the dinner table with everyone else and he LOVED it. After a few close calls with the tea, knives, forks, and marinara sauce we found something to keep him entertained.

The kid loves cucumbers. We let him have at me and left a nice little mess on the floor. I still have to get over the mess we will now make at restaurants. I kept finding myself apologizing to our sweet waitress for the cucumber ornaments that Neil decorated the floor with. Oh well, he was happy and all parents quickly learn that while out to eat with a monster don't rock the boat.

Neil has gotten really good at passing out his hugs and daddy is one of his best clients. It is was so bittersweet to watch these two together.

Our last family photo until daddy comes home.

Hopefully I'm back to blogging for a while!

Monday, February 27

Whirlwind Weekend

Friday my Mom, Grandma and Grandaddy came into town to see Neil.  This is not my mom's first visit of course, more like her 100th, but my grandparents had not seen Neil since Christmas and he has really changed a lot.  I got some pictures but for some reasons none of them actually with Neil.

Delighted to have visitors.  Neil loves when people come to see him because he gets lots of attention and doesn't have to listen to mom and dad. 
I have to take these opportunities to get pictures with him, because it seems like I am always behind the camera. 
These two are hilarious, they both have so much fun together.    
A pitiful attempt to get the brothers to take a picture together.  Neil wouldn't look at the camera and Duece would only look at Neil.
Yes, that is a purple bumbo.  His nanny got this for him for Christmas, but they only had purple left.  We had intentions to return it for a boy color once the holidays were over.  That never happened, and we decided that we are okay with purple.

After my family left, Shannon and Adam came to see us.  Shannon and I got to hang out all afternoon while we banished the men to the golf course.  Who am I kidding, they would have rather been there anyway. 

Neil was so relaxed with his Aunt Shan.

And then to top it all off, after a workout at the gym, we got home and this little guy decided to go and grow up on me: 
Big man holding his on bottle for the first time!

Wednesday, February 22

So What Wednesday

It has been a while, as in a LONG time, since I have linked up with Shannon from Life After I Dew in her So What Wednesday blog.  I love reading her blog, the girl has a major case of the funnies and always tells it like it is.  I wish I was a little bit braver when it came to speaking my mind, at least on my blog.

Today I am saying So What! if...
-I stress out about getting my grocery list together, but then manage to not cook but 1 or 2 of those meals.  Sometimes Subway is so much easier.
-I didn't get emotional when I cleaned out all of Neil's clothes that he has outgrown.  I just think of it as more room for more cute boy stuff!
  -I took the baby to the liquor store to get a box, yes a box, of wine.  I decided to go with Mrs. Dew's recommendation of Franzia House Crisp White.
-I occasionally throw a shirt or pair of pants into the dirty clothes even if they aren't dirty, but because I don't feel like putting them up.
-I am OCD about keeping the house picked up but my car looks like a crap bomb hit it.
-I pay a neighborhood kid $5 a week to come walk the dog for me.  I like to think I am helping him develop good business skills.
-I only pin recipes on Pinterest.  Should I vary my interests?  Probably. 
-I watch Gossip Girl.  It is totally ridiculous now and I am not 16, but I still love it.
-I am fascinated with Vicki G's face on RHOOC...what did she do to it anyway?  I can't quit starring.
-I am a blogger that seems to only be talking about her kid right now.  He pretty much takes up all of my time so deal with it.

Speaking of...
This little guy loves to have a silly song sung to him.  His favorite?
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  A classic!
And believe me I will sing it all day long if I can keep getting looks like this out of him.
When daddy sees how much fun it is he wants to sing with us.
Neil's favorite part is "toes".

Tuesday, February 14

Be Mine?

This year I was lucky enough to have 3 Valentines.  They all make me very happy.  
My first Valentine is 15 lbs of pure baby cuteness.  He loves me, laughs at my corny jokes, and doesn't mind me stealing kisses from him.
Matt also loves me, laughs at my silly jokes, and doesn't mind if I steal his kisses.
He is also a great dad.  Nothing makes you love your husband more than seeing him be a great dad to your baby.
And lastly, this guy.  He doesn't exactly laugh at my jokes, but I am pretty sure he loves me.  How do I know?  Unlike the other two he will lick my entire arm...fingers to shoulder.  If that isn't love, what is?
What did I get for V-day?  
An Edible Arrangement or as Daniel Tosh would call it, "a cold".  Bahahah!
Seriously though, I loved it.  I have always been curious about them and I have to say, the fruit was fresh and delish.  I am a girl that loves flowers and a loves food.  So what better way for my 3 men to tell me they love me then buy me food in the form of flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Be sweet to the ones you love.

Saturday, February 11

Happy Birthday Matt

Wishing a very happy 28th birthday to my husband.  
Man we are getting old!
The older we get the harder it seems to buy birthday presents.  We pretty much buy what we want whenever we want it, not having to wait all year for our birthday's or Christmas like you did when you were a kid.  This year Matt just got a basket full of somethings he likes.  My favorite present was the omelet pan.  Matt likes making omelets for us on Saturdays and lets face it...this gift works out pretty good for me too!

Happy Birthday Dad!  

We have kind of got on a Sushi kick lately.  Almost everytime I go to Kroger I swing by the sushi station and pick up a roll.  For some reason, the past few weeks they haven't been making our favorite, blue crab and avocado roll.  Major bummer.  
I decided that for Matt's birthday we would make our own Sushi.  

Yes I realize that this doesn't really look that appealing at this stage, but trust works out.

Our very first homemade sushi roll. 

Let me tell you it tasted just as good as the purchased kind and it wasn't hard at all.  

Tuesday, February 7

Housewives and Hunger Games

Is it sad that I have watched the same episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County and RHO Beverly Hills 50 bajillion times the past week.  I am excited about the episodes of Orange County starting this week and as always enjoyed the hot mess that was the 2nd part of the the BH reunion show last night.  These ladies have such a hard life, what with all the drama and all.  J/K!  They did inspire me to drink a glass of champagne this afternoon.  Too bad there is no champagne in my house.  Boo!
I really do like all the members of the BH cast.  They are all funny in their own way.  This season Camille really turned it around for me.  Lisa has that cheeky British wit that I find hilarious, but the real show stopper this season in my opinion was the former Mrs. Eddie Cibrian herself, Brandy Glanville.  
Girl really shook it up.  The best part?  She copped to slashing her husband's tires!  Bahaha.
No worries Matt, you know I would never slash your tires.  

As far as the new season of Orange County starting tonight.  I don't really know what to expect this year.  I can only hope that Tamara finds a way to kick herself off the show because I was over her before the season even began.  Buh bye Tamara!

I am only obsessing over the new housewives because I no longer have the Hunger Games (at least until March 23).  After being pushed by several people to read this series, I caved.  I started the first book last and finished the 3rd book in a 4 day period.  

I was riveted the entire time.  It is a little bit of science fiction (not my usual choice), coming of age, and teen romance all rolled into one.  Interesting?  You bet ya!
I totally loved Katniss and can not wait for the movie to come out in March.
Every time the little one did this:
I read.  Matt would probably say that I ignored the both of them.  (oops)
I found myself dreaming about the Hunger Games when I would go to sleep.  I may have gotten a little too into it, but isn't that the point of a good book?!

Friday, January 27

Hard Working Men

The men in my life are both hard workers.  I guess that explains why I found them like this yesterday afternoon.
 Is this what happens when I am in the kitchen making supper?

This recliner has magical powers.  I swear it does.  It puts people to sleep, like "I am not tired, don't want to close my eyes, wait, why can't I keep my eyes open any longer sleep."  It's powers are not lost on anyone in our family, especially the baby.  Put him in your arms, take him to the recliner, give him 10 mins, and its off to baby dreamland.  Trust me, magic powers like that come in handy a lot with a baby.  

And what is a blog without a classic cute baby trying to eat their hand picture?

Tuesday, January 24

Pretty Little Toes

I have a great husband.   Of course sometimes he is guilty of the normal mistakes that husbands make, but I too admit I make plenty of mistakes myself.  But I would say that 99% of the time he earns top marks is husband hood.

A few nights ago I challenged him to surprise me with something...anything.  I just wanted to be surprised.  Sometimes life can become really predictable and we could all use a little surprise from time to time.  Like I said surprises can be anything, and honestly I expected him to show up one day when he got home from work with my favorite candy bar or say he was taking me to dinner.  He did neither of those things.  This is what he did:

That's right folks, a Matt Langford pedicure special.
Really blew me away here.  Like I said, a far cry from the dinner I was expecting.    So this afternoon, I got to enjoy a relaxing foot bath, a scrub, buffing, a nice rub, all capped of with blue nails!  This especially felt good considering the 4 miles that I logged today at the greenway.

Sorry ladies, he's taken!

Thursday, January 5

Two Things Thursday

There are two gems I want to leave you with today:
I often have this thought, and then I saw this and quickly changed my mind.  There are definitely things that Duece knows about me and the rest of the world most definitely does NOT need to know. Um K.


There is nothing new about this picture, if you have been on pinterest in the last century you have seen it pinned a million times.  But after today's death march run, I found it fitting.  I totally forgot how much it sucked to suck at running.  I. will. do. better.

Tuesday, January 3

Setting My Goal

I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  It makes me sad the number of people who promise to make a change in themselves (and don't follow through with it for more than a few weeks) all because of January 1.  I just don't do it.  Of course that doesn't apply to everyone out there, and kudos to all of you that resolve to change something and succeed at it.

That being said, what I am about to tell you will look strangely like a New Years Resolution.  Don't be is not, it is actually just a case of really unfortunate timing.

I am doing the Oak Barrel Half Marathon
Am I crazy?  Quite possibly.  But running seems to be all the craze these days and I am all about doing what the cool kids are doing (with the exception of making a resolution of course).
So on April 7, 2012, I will huff and puff my way through the hills of Lynchburg, TN in an effort to cross the finish line...ALIVE. 

But Chelle, this sounds and awful lot like a resolution to me.
I know it does, I told you it would.  Like I told you before, it is really just unfortunate timing that my goal of running a 1/2 marathon coincides with all of the other people that swear this year they are going to do XYZ. Today I am 7 weeks post-partum and finally got the go ahead from my doctor to start an exercise regime to include training for a half marathon.  

I joined the DailyMile.  Mostly because my friend Shannon from Why Not On A Tuesday wanted a friend on there, but also because it would give me a way to keep up with how often and how many miles I need to run.  So if you are feeling particularly feisty, you can find me on DailyMile!

Happy Trails!

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