Tuesday, February 7

Housewives and Hunger Games

Is it sad that I have watched the same episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County and RHO Beverly Hills 50 bajillion times the past week.  I am excited about the episodes of Orange County starting this week and as always enjoyed the hot mess that was the 2nd part of the the BH reunion show last night.  These ladies have such a hard life, what with all the drama and all.  J/K!  They did inspire me to drink a glass of champagne this afternoon.  Too bad there is no champagne in my house.  Boo!
I really do like all the members of the BH cast.  They are all funny in their own way.  This season Camille really turned it around for me.  Lisa has that cheeky British wit that I find hilarious, but the real show stopper this season in my opinion was the former Mrs. Eddie Cibrian herself, Brandy Glanville.  
Girl really shook it up.  The best part?  She copped to slashing her husband's tires!  Bahaha.
No worries Matt, you know I would never slash your tires.  

As far as the new season of Orange County starting tonight.  I don't really know what to expect this year.  I can only hope that Tamara finds a way to kick herself off the show because I was over her before the season even began.  Buh bye Tamara!

I am only obsessing over the new housewives because I no longer have the Hunger Games (at least until March 23).  After being pushed by several people to read this series, I caved.  I started the first book last and finished the 3rd book in a 4 day period.  

I was riveted the entire time.  It is a little bit of science fiction (not my usual choice), coming of age, and teen romance all rolled into one.  Interesting?  You bet ya!
I totally loved Katniss and can not wait for the movie to come out in March.
Every time the little one did this:
I read.  Matt would probably say that I ignored the both of them.  (oops)
I found myself dreaming about the Hunger Games when I would go to sleep.  I may have gotten a little too into it, but isn't that the point of a good book?!

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

I totally don't know what I'm going to do tonight. RH of OC premiere AND 1 1/2 hour episode of Teen Mom. Hopefully they aren't on at the same time....

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