Monkey-Loo Who?

Welcome to Monkey-Loo!
My name is Chelle and I live a semi crazy life of a lay at home wife.  Okay, so I don't lay around all the time.  I spend most of my days loving on my sweet dog and my wonderful husband.  My husband Matt is in the military and while he is off kicking ass working hard, I am charged with keeping the house from falling apart.  I love to cook, shop, and make things when the mood strikes.

You might wonder why I named my blog Monkey-Loo.  I have a simple answer.  When I was younger my Grandma, Evelyn, used to have all kinds of funny nicknames for me to include: doodle bug, snot blossom, and monkey-loo.  Since snot blossom doesn't really scream "great name for a blog", I decided to call it monkey-loo. My grandma along with my mother are both extremely talented women, whether that be painting, sewing, cooking, or wrapping presents.  I think I got the majority of my creative genes from them.  I felt like it was a fitting tribute to that part of my family and a fun name for a creative blog.

Right now my blog doesn't really have a focus other than just being about my life and the things I am doing at the moment or would like to do.  In addition to that, being an Army family takes us far from home and I wanted our families to have a place to come and see what we were doing from time to time.

I hope you enjoy reading and at least can find something on my blog that you relate to or at least like a little bit!  Thank you to everyone that already reads and encourages me to keep it up!


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