Sunday, August 21

Those are my yella shorts Nachos.

I am a little behind the times, but...last weekend Matt and I went to the face of the sun Phoenix.  A large group of the guys really wanted to go up there to play golf and see a diamondbacks game and they were friendly enough to let the ladies tag along.  I didn't take a lot of pictures because well, I admit, I am just the worst about taking them.

Matt and his yellow shorts.  We love this shorts!  If you are a man the golf course is one place you can take risks with your clothes. 
The group of guys after they finished their round.

Me and the best nachos at the Diamondbacks game
And on the way home I was able to convince Matt to take me to my first trip to IKEA.  I heart Ikea and its cheap"ish" Swedish furniture.

Friday, August 12

Pinterest Project

Seems like everyone is talking about Pinterest these days.  I finally joined, and I must admit at first I found it a little intimidating...the only way to describe it was information overload.  I figured it out eventually, and it really is a convenient solution to keep all of your ideas in one place and see what all of your friends are interested in as well.

Shortly after I joined I bookmarked or "pinned" the first project I wanted to tackle.  It was a knock-off of this from Ballard Designs.

Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative did a stellar job of creating a similar paper holder and most importantly she provided the instructions that I used as a jumping off point.  I talked Matt into helping me and we set off on a trip to Lowe's and our own paper holder journey.

This is what we ended up with:

Obviously ours looks a little different, but I am pleased with how it turned out.  Unfortunately I didn't measure that well and all the paper rolls I could find were either too big or too small.  Bummer!  But I still think even with the miniature paper roll our project kicks bootay!  I really love how we decided to add the chalkboard at the top.  It will be perfect for recipes, to-do lists, grocery store runs, and one day our little mister can doodle on it while mama cooks! 

Doesn't the bright cheery yellow totally rock?  I am having a yellow moment right now!

Thanks to Matt for his handiwork, pinterest, and Infarrantly Creative!

Tuesday, August 9

I may need a chill pill.

Why you might ask?  Well I have noticed in the last 4-5 days I have grown incredibly feisty over seemingly simple things.  So I feel like I might need to just chill out.  Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones creeping up on me or maybe it is just my repressed inner raging biyatch that is clawing it's way out.  Who really knows the truth, but I think I will choose to believe it is the hormones.  Right?  Right!

Proof that I may be one long line or idiot away from becoming the next headline news topic:

1.  The golf pro at the Mountain View Golf Course almost lost his bleached tips when I considered taking a 5-iron to his head when he refused me the right to take a golf cart.  No, I was not golfing, but does he not know who my husband is?  That is what I thought.

2.  I hate self check out lines.  They are not helpful or "quick".  Either what you scan is not picked up by the bagging area or the clerk has to "check for item" or "enter code".   Yet, I still go to these lines, managing to convince myself that it will be quicker, but I end up leaving the store contemplating shaking up my coke bottle and spewing it on everyone in a 5 foot radius.

3.  Matt plays on a softball team.  Some members of said team were cut and were complaining about it at last night's softball game in front of me (again not realizing who my husband was).  I set them straight...I may or may not have used cuss words.  No worries, I did put ear muffs on Neil.

4.  When are the grocery stores around here going to realize that this is a military town and that people come from all walks of life to live here, included THE SOUTH.  In THE SOUTH, we eat grits.  I want them, cheese ones in particular.  How much trouble would it be really to carry them on your shelves.  

5.  Our rental company told us when we moved in, the tree next to our driveway is not our responsibility and that they will take care of trimming it. forward 4 months and factor my inability to pull my car into my garage without taking it through a rain forest and what you end up with is a pregnant woman going all Rambo with the clippers.   It should also be stated that I hate our rental company in general.

6.  My dishwasher hates me and refuses to work for me.  I hate my dishwasher b/c it doesn't work for me.  It is a vicious cycle.  At any given point you will hear me slamming it around.  Matt doesn't worry because he knows that we don't like each other.

That being said...I need a new mantra.

Tuesday, August 2

Remote Possibility

There is a  remote possibility that this is a picture of me.  
No?  You don't think so?  This is a pretty close representation.
As my belly expands, I am feeling so many different things.
I am learning how to roll around in bed like a rolly polly, bend at my knees because my belly won't let me go straight over, and I have also accepted the fact that I can no longer paint my own toe nails.  I have also learned that my belly is a perfect perch for many things:  hands, food, and most remote.

I have been feeling the baby move for a little over a month now, and finally a few weeks ago Matt was able to feel him as well.  The baby does like to play tricks on Matt and usually stops moving the second at call him over.  But I digress.  Last night the funniest thing happened, we were laying in bed, and I rested the remote on my belly.  After a few seconds I realized that not only was I able to feel Neil move, but you could physically see him kicking the remote.  


So yes, you are right, that in fact is not a picture of me, but it is a pretty good representation of what I may or may not look like the majority of the day.

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