Tuesday, August 9

I may need a chill pill.

Why you might ask?  Well I have noticed in the last 4-5 days I have grown incredibly feisty over seemingly simple things.  So I feel like I might need to just chill out.  Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones creeping up on me or maybe it is just my repressed inner raging biyatch that is clawing it's way out.  Who really knows the truth, but I think I will choose to believe it is the hormones.  Right?  Right!

Proof that I may be one long line or idiot away from becoming the next headline news topic:

1.  The golf pro at the Mountain View Golf Course almost lost his bleached tips when I considered taking a 5-iron to his head when he refused me the right to take a golf cart.  No, I was not golfing, but does he not know who my husband is?  That is what I thought.

2.  I hate self check out lines.  They are not helpful or "quick".  Either what you scan is not picked up by the bagging area or the clerk has to "check for item" or "enter code".   Yet, I still go to these lines, managing to convince myself that it will be quicker, but I end up leaving the store contemplating shaking up my coke bottle and spewing it on everyone in a 5 foot radius.

3.  Matt plays on a softball team.  Some members of said team were cut and were complaining about it at last night's softball game in front of me (again not realizing who my husband was).  I set them straight...I may or may not have used cuss words.  No worries, I did put ear muffs on Neil.

4.  When are the grocery stores around here going to realize that this is a military town and that people come from all walks of life to live here, included THE SOUTH.  In THE SOUTH, we eat grits.  I want them, cheese ones in particular.  How much trouble would it be really to carry them on your shelves.  

5.  Our rental company told us when we moved in, the tree next to our driveway is not our responsibility and that they will take care of trimming it.  Well...fast forward 4 months and factor my inability to pull my car into my garage without taking it through a rain forest and what you end up with is a pregnant woman going all Rambo with the clippers.   It should also be stated that I hate our rental company in general.

6.  My dishwasher hates me and refuses to work for me.  I hate my dishwasher b/c it doesn't work for me.  It is a vicious cycle.  At any given point you will hear me slamming it around.  Matt doesn't worry because he knows that we don't like each other.

That being said...I need a new mantra.

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