Tuesday, August 2

Remote Possibility

There is a  remote possibility that this is a picture of me.  
No?  You don't think so?  This is a pretty close representation.
As my belly expands, I am feeling so many different things.
I am learning how to roll around in bed like a rolly polly, bend at my knees because my belly won't let me go straight over, and I have also accepted the fact that I can no longer paint my own toe nails.  I have also learned that my belly is a perfect perch for many things:  hands, food, and most recently...my remote.

I have been feeling the baby move for a little over a month now, and finally a few weeks ago Matt was able to feel him as well.  The baby does like to play tricks on Matt and usually stops moving the second at call him over.  But I digress.  Last night the funniest thing happened, we were laying in bed, and I rested the remote on my belly.  After a few seconds I realized that not only was I able to feel Neil move, but you could physically see him kicking the remote.  


So yes, you are right, that in fact is not a picture of me, but it is a pretty good representation of what I may or may not look like the majority of the day.

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