Saturday, December 31

Ringing in the New Year

Our New Year's celebration might not be exciting like it was last year, but there is something to be said about relaxing at home with your loved ones, listening to your neighbors shoot fireworks, having your baby in your arms and your dog cuddled in your lap.

A perfect way to end the year:
Neil smiled at me, AT ME.  Not because he had gas or because he didn't know he was doing it, but in response to something I did.
Here is to many more smiles in 2012!

Wednesday, December 14

One Month of Madness

And by madness I mean total and absolute adoration.  Our little man is one month old today.  It has been quite the adjustment going from not having to baby to well...having a baby.  But this month really has flown by.  It seems like I was just being told it was time to push and now I have a baby that is growing like a weed.

About Neil at one month:
-Not quite sleeping through the night, but most of the time he is down to one wake up.  He is a pretty good sleeper with the exception of those nights that he things 3 am is play time, which it most certainly is not.
-Likes to be close to people.  He doesn't necessarily have to be held all the time, but he just wants you to be close to him.  He especially likes it when you get in his face.  The boy has no boundary issues.
-Uses the bathroom like a champ.  His favorite is to pee in his diaper, make you think he is finished and then pee on you.  Gotcha Mom!
-No more newborn clothes here, I think I have a future chubster on my hands.
-Likes his pacifier but can't quite figure out how to keep it in his mouth for very long.
-Has started getting control of his own head.  This makes trying to nurse him very interesting sometimes.
-He has discovered that he can control is legs as well.  This means that he loves to kick...anything in close proximity to him, including your face.
-Travels well (mostly).  Being a good car baby really is a blessing for us because with both of our families being 7 hours away, we spend a lot of time on the road.
-Very hot natured.  I always worried about not knowing how to dress a baby, but Neil definitely prefers not to be dressed at all, so that works out well for both of us.
-Started taking a bottle from Dad.
-Started taking naps in his crib.
-His favorite song is "Down by the Bay" sung by yours truly.

This kid never crys...I swear.  PSYCH!

I realize what I have turned into, a mommy blogger, that only manages to find the time to blog when she wants to talk about how cool or awesome or totally adorable her baby is.  *raises guilty hand* Yes...that's me.  I am sorry, but that is my life.  I wake up with the little guy in the morning and I go to bed with him at night.  One day I will get an adult life back and do cool things like drink to much and make bad decisions (kidding).

In the meantime I will enjoy being a mom.  Everyone always says it goes by so fast and we all know it is true, we don't have to be told.  In my opinion all good things in life go by way too fast!

Friday, December 9

My Boys

This is one of the things I love about being at home with my boys.  They both love to nap on me.  I can't wait for Neil to realize what an awesome big brother he has!

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