Sunday, August 21

Those are my yella shorts Nachos.

I am a little behind the times, but...last weekend Matt and I went to the face of the sun Phoenix.  A large group of the guys really wanted to go up there to play golf and see a diamondbacks game and they were friendly enough to let the ladies tag along.  I didn't take a lot of pictures because well, I admit, I am just the worst about taking them.

Matt and his yellow shorts.  We love this shorts!  If you are a man the golf course is one place you can take risks with your clothes. 
The group of guys after they finished their round.

Me and the best nachos at the Diamondbacks game
And on the way home I was able to convince Matt to take me to my first trip to IKEA.  I heart Ikea and its cheap"ish" Swedish furniture.

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