Wednesday, November 14

My Excuse For Everything

Being a mom gives you an excuse for everything:
Why didn't you come to my party?  Sorry, I have a baby.
Why didn't you answer the phone?  Sorry, I have a baby.
Do you want to go see a movie?  That's after baby's bedtime, sorry.
Why do you have a spaghetti stain on your nice white shirt?  Well....the baby.
How come you haven't blogged for a hot minute?  THE BABY!

See how that works?
I'll admit.  I fell off the blogging band wagon right about the time I had a baby.  Valid excuse?  I think so.  They are hard work man.  You think your little sweet turd head two month old is exhausting, just wait until they are 10 months, and then a year old.  I made a few half-hearted attempts between having a baby and raising a baby to be a blogger again, but they were not successful.  Case in point- the last time I blogged was in June. In June I had a 7 month old and now I have a freaking 1 year old. 

Happy 1st Birthday Neil!
You are so funny, smart, and sweet.  
Thank you for being my excuse.
Love you!


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Welcome back, old friend!

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

What a cute excuse! :)

Chelle said...

Thanks Ladies, we had fun with y'all this weekend!

Keith McWilliams said...

I just saw this, but its nice to have more to read from you!

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