Saturday, February 11

Happy Birthday Matt

Wishing a very happy 28th birthday to my husband.  
Man we are getting old!
The older we get the harder it seems to buy birthday presents.  We pretty much buy what we want whenever we want it, not having to wait all year for our birthday's or Christmas like you did when you were a kid.  This year Matt just got a basket full of somethings he likes.  My favorite present was the omelet pan.  Matt likes making omelets for us on Saturdays and lets face it...this gift works out pretty good for me too!

Happy Birthday Dad!  

We have kind of got on a Sushi kick lately.  Almost everytime I go to Kroger I swing by the sushi station and pick up a roll.  For some reason, the past few weeks they haven't been making our favorite, blue crab and avocado roll.  Major bummer.  
I decided that for Matt's birthday we would make our own Sushi.  

Yes I realize that this doesn't really look that appealing at this stage, but trust works out.

Our very first homemade sushi roll. 

Let me tell you it tasted just as good as the purchased kind and it wasn't hard at all.  

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