Monday, February 27

Whirlwind Weekend

Friday my Mom, Grandma and Grandaddy came into town to see Neil.  This is not my mom's first visit of course, more like her 100th, but my grandparents had not seen Neil since Christmas and he has really changed a lot.  I got some pictures but for some reasons none of them actually with Neil.

Delighted to have visitors.  Neil loves when people come to see him because he gets lots of attention and doesn't have to listen to mom and dad. 
I have to take these opportunities to get pictures with him, because it seems like I am always behind the camera. 
These two are hilarious, they both have so much fun together.    
A pitiful attempt to get the brothers to take a picture together.  Neil wouldn't look at the camera and Duece would only look at Neil.
Yes, that is a purple bumbo.  His nanny got this for him for Christmas, but they only had purple left.  We had intentions to return it for a boy color once the holidays were over.  That never happened, and we decided that we are okay with purple.

After my family left, Shannon and Adam came to see us.  Shannon and I got to hang out all afternoon while we banished the men to the golf course.  Who am I kidding, they would have rather been there anyway. 

Neil was so relaxed with his Aunt Shan.

And then to top it all off, after a workout at the gym, we got home and this little guy decided to go and grow up on me: 
Big man holding his on bottle for the first time!

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