Sunday, June 3

Back in the 'Sip

It has been a crazy few weeks, but Neil and I (and Duecey) are back in Mississippi. For good? That is up in the air. Let's just say for the next little while at least. While I love being back "home", I wish it was under other circumstances. Matt left for his third (possibly final) deployment last week, so in true weenie army wife fashion I high tailed it back to humidity heaven Mississippi to the open arms of 4...count 'em 4 grandparents. Mama's gonna have some helpin hands! Can I get a hallelujah?

Cause let me tell you...this one is gonna be trouble.
The night before Matt left we went to dinner. It was the first time that Neil got to sit in a high chair at the dinner table with everyone else and he LOVED it. After a few close calls with the tea, knives, forks, and marinara sauce we found something to keep him entertained.

The kid loves cucumbers. We let him have at me and left a nice little mess on the floor. I still have to get over the mess we will now make at restaurants. I kept finding myself apologizing to our sweet waitress for the cucumber ornaments that Neil decorated the floor with. Oh well, he was happy and all parents quickly learn that while out to eat with a monster don't rock the boat.

Neil has gotten really good at passing out his hugs and daddy is one of his best clients. It is was so bittersweet to watch these two together.

Our last family photo until daddy comes home.

Hopefully I'm back to blogging for a while!

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Welcome back my friend. We have missed you in blogland!

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