Tuesday, February 14

Be Mine?

This year I was lucky enough to have 3 Valentines.  They all make me very happy.  
My first Valentine is 15 lbs of pure baby cuteness.  He loves me, laughs at my corny jokes, and doesn't mind me stealing kisses from him.
Matt also loves me, laughs at my silly jokes, and doesn't mind if I steal his kisses.
He is also a great dad.  Nothing makes you love your husband more than seeing him be a great dad to your baby.
And lastly, this guy.  He doesn't exactly laugh at my jokes, but I am pretty sure he loves me.  How do I know?  Unlike the other two he will lick my entire arm...fingers to shoulder.  If that isn't love, what is?
What did I get for V-day?  
An Edible Arrangement or as Daniel Tosh would call it, "a cold".  Bahahah!
Seriously though, I loved it.  I have always been curious about them and I have to say, the fruit was fresh and delish.  I am a girl that loves flowers and a loves food.  So what better way for my 3 men to tell me they love me then buy me food in the form of flowers!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Be sweet to the ones you love.

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

I'm loving the little backdrop you made.

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