Sunday, January 16

What to know what is ridiculous?

My husband...there I said it.
Matt is ridiculous, in a good way of course.  If you know us, me or my husband, you know that there are two particular things he loves to do, golf and hunting.  He is very good at both of them and very passionate as well.  

His ability to recall a golf shot that he made on the 4th hole at the Twin Pines Golf Course in August of his sophomore year of high school amazes me.  But the point of this post is hunting.  I am also astonished that he can find his way out of the woods without a flash light, or his ability to find the exact tree that he climbed that one time he went hunting with this 2nd cousin in October of 1999 literally blows. my. mind. 

When we drive down the road, any road, he is always scanning the wood line, looking for a deer.  I have even found that this is a habit that has rubbed off on me.  He can see a "rub" or a "hooking" from a mile away.  For those of you that don't know, this is simply a place on a small tree/sappling that a buck has rubbed the bark off, a sign of his dominance. (I told you he has rubbed off on me) I say all of this prep the story I am about to tell you.

This afternoon Matt and I ventured to this wildlife management area down the road from our house to walk around and look, really we just wanted to take Duece somewhere and get out of the house.  As we walked we saw tons of deer tracks, Duece and Matt both found this very exciting.  After walking around for a while we decided to get in the truck and drive.  That is when it happened.  Matt saw a "rub".  Huh, I squinted and still didn't see it.  He exclaimed to me that it wasn't right there by the truck where a non-hunting mind would be able to see it, it was actually right over "there" over the river and through the woods (to grandmother's house we go).  I documented this amazing talent of his with this photo:
Can you see it to?  
This picture was taken directly out of the truck window and I was technically closer to the tree than we was.  
Just in case...
Now you see it, in that little highlighted bubble?
See, I told you.  Ridiculous.

But you know what...he knows it and he owns it and that is why I love him.  
What crazy "talent" does your husband have?


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Adam always scans the wood line too. And if he sees a deer at anytime when I'm not around, it is SUPER important to him that he lets me know when/where he saw it even though I've told him he doesn't have to tell me every time he sees a deer....

Chelle said...

It reminds me of when we were at your rehearsal dinner and across the entire field, off in the wood lines a good 500 yards away, he saw a deer. Good gravy, men!

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