Saturday, January 29

Cake Balls aren't my friend.

I am sure you have heard of Bakerella, if you haven't you should check her out.  She as a super sweet cute website that revolves around, you guessed it...Baking!  She makes the most adorable cake balls, among other things.  My mom knows that I like to be in the kitchen so for Christmas she got me Bakearella's cakebook.
I loved it!
I read through and I decided the other night that it was time to tackle this culinary delight. Now, normally, I would pick out the hardest thing, be determined to do make it work, and then be infinitely disappointed when they didn't turn out just like her's.  However, this time I decided to start at the most basic level...
Just a plain ol' cake ball.
I used vanilla frosting and confetti cake because well...that is all I like.
I followed the instructions to the "T".
Mixed with the right amount of frosting so they were not to mushy, but would stick together.  I froze them for 15 min before I dipped them, but that is where the problems started...the dipping.  Everytime I would try to dip one, it would fall of in the chocolate, never to be seen again...
You probably could already guess that mine didn't turn out quite so fabulous.  I don't know what I did wrong, but I am definitely thinking that I am not ready to move on to one of the more challenging "pops"
Such as these sweet sheep:

I can admit that they did taste good, and that is not a biased opinion, Matt and our Tuesday nights dinner guest Chuck both agreed.  They just weren't so pretty.
I cut the recipe in half and it ended up making about 30 balls, and out of those 30, I got ONE, ball pretty enough to take a picture of:
Let's face it, it still isn't ALL that pretty, see the candy coating all clumped up at the bottom?

Has anyone else tried to make these before, have any tips or tricks that I need to know?
Am I destined to be a cake ball bomb?


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

I've made them a couple of times and here are my tips:
1. Freeze for 15 minutes and fridge for 45 minutes.
2. Dip them using a toothpick.
Good luck!

Chelle said...

I did dip using a toothpick. They fell off of the toothpick while I was trying to dip them. Maybe I didn't use enough frosting.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know this post is several months old, but I came across it while searching for something else on google. I think your pic of your cake ball looks very good!With the 'pooling' at the bottom, when you set the cake ball down after dipping it take a toothpick and go around the edges with it, after it hardens you will be able to break those pieces off making for a rounder looking ball. I read that tip in the Bakerella book and it worked well for me. Also making them as cake pops is much easier (IMO). Also don't dip with a toothpick it will just fall off, use a spoon (see pics in her book) and after you lift it out tap your wrist to get excess chocolate (I think she has a pic of that too). Do I seem just a little bit obsessed with Bakerella?! lol Well I hope you have tried again and I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog!!


Chelle said...

Thanks Laura for taking the time not only to comment but also to give a few valuable pointers. I will be honest, I haven't made them since, but I might just have to try again!

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