Thursday, January 6

A day of double firsts for me

Today was a day of firsts for me.  

1.  I got a spray tan.
I have a military ball coming up and I really didn't want to look like this
So Jenn (my super fun friend) convinced me that I needed a spray tan.  I was worried, and honestly, everyone who as considered a spray tan for the first time should be.  If you aren't all you have to do is google "spray tan" and you will find a picture like this:

If you can look at this picture (or any cast mate of the jersey shore) and not be worried, then you are braver than I am.  I obviously couldn't let the day of the ball be the first time I ever did it just in case ended up somewhere between Snooki and Oompa Loompa, so I went today.  I still can't give you my verdict, but so good.  I did have a mini moment of panic in Wal-mart a little bit ago when Matt stopped me in the aisle, looked at me with a little smirk (and look of pity) and told me that one side of my nose was brown.  I have decided to wait until I can shower to give my final opinion of the process.

The hardest part was trying to remember to do the "poses" the right way so I got sprayed in all the right places, and trying not to fall, cause believe was slippery.  All in all, relatively painless.

2.  I ROYALLY messed up supper.  To start off, I decided I would try something new with the sweet potatoes instead of just doing regular fries.  I sliced them really thin in effort to bake them into sweet potato chips.  It was going good until I forgot they were in the oven.  By the time I remembered them, they looked more like lava rock.
You be the judge: that was a tough one to admit to my husband.
Oh, hold gets better. The Jambalaya didn't turn out much better.  I confess, I don't make it from scratch.  I use a box mix courtesy of Zatarains.  Usually, on a normal day, it is delicious.  Tonight, it just didn't work.  The rice never soaked up the water and it just floated around looking like lost rice at sea.  After cooking it for 15 min longer than in recommended, I gave up.  For the second time I admitted defeat to Matt by breaking the news to him that we need to go get something for supper.
That is how we ended up at brown nose and all.

I must acknowledge that in the almost 4 years that I have been married, this is the first time that we had to leave the house to get supper because I was unable to serve something semi-edible.  I just keep telling win some you burn lose some.
At least I have a good tan!


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