Monday, January 10

Going to the Drive In

Matt and I decided to switch things up from the normal weekend routine.  Just down the road about 15 miles is a drive-in theater.  We pass it every time we go home to Mississippi and we always talk about how we need to go see a movie there.   I was so excited Saturday morning when Matt suggested we go.

Drive-in theaters are a thing of the past and in my opinion it is very rare that you find one that is open all the time.  The Jesup Drive-in is open every weekend and for $7.50 you get to see a double feature.  I definitely think in the time we have left in GA that we are going to make this a frequent event.

If you ask me, this is THE way to see a movie. Comfortable seats?  Check.  Sound as loud as you want?  Check.  Affordable prices? Check.  We realized that we can even bring the dog with us, so next time Duece might get to come see the show.


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Makes me think of the ole Beverly Drive-In *tear* Yall did actually watch the movie, right? HA!

Cari Walters said...

Just another one of the things Im gonna miss about GA! I love going to that theater!

Anonymous said...

We have the greatest drive-in back home. We loved going when we lived there and try to go whenever we are there during the "season". I'm looking forward to our next trip when it's open again.

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