Tuesday, January 18

Walking On...Walking On...Broken Gla-a-a-sss.

I go into my kitchen with good intentions, to clean up.  Never did I think that I was about to have a horrifying experience in which my life flashed before my eyes.  I was simply trying to put away some new glasses that we got from the Battalion Ball on Friday night (blog post about that to come later), and then all of a sudden, glasses, shards of glass, and more glass were falling at my face.  What did I do?  Apparently the shelf wasn't supported adequately to hold the weight of 5 glasses, the shelf tipped and chaos ensued.

I panicked, I didn't have shoes on or pants on (it was still early don't judge), I was frozen.  Trying to move would have been like navigating a sea of broken glass.  I have a couple of small slices on my arms where the shards came at me from the cabinet, I fairly deep cut on my pinkie finger, and a gouge out of my thumb.  There was lots of blood.  That isn't all, I also, in my bare footed attempt to escape the madness that was swimming on my kitchen floor, I stepped on a small microscopic "shard o' death" and it embedded it self in my second toe.  I had to channel Macguyver and with the use of a lighter (for sterilization) and a safety pin (makeshift scalpel) I operated and removed the death shard.  There was more blood.

It was a rough morning.
I couldn't get the entire path of destruction in one photo, but you get the point.

"Shard o' Death"

The Cabinet

Box of Glass that we collected from the floor.

My heart is still racing from the experience.


Maloree said...

ahh yes, the glass homicide attempt. I know this all too well & have had it happen twice in my life. Glad you made it out alive.

Chelle said...

Maloree, I am sorry that you also know my pain.

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