Wednesday, January 19

Open Mouth, Insert Cookie

I had a sweet tooth yesterday, inspired by my Double Stuff Brownies (you can find that here), I decided to try something new.  May I introduce you to Reese's Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies.  Think about it, roll that around on your tongue for a little likin' it.  Yeah, that just happened!
The concept is simple, take a already delicious cookie and make it even more delicious by stuffing it with the most awesomely delicious candy that was ever created.  Shall we proceed?

All you really need is a bag of cookie mix and the Reese's.  I cheat and buy the bag mix, because I am not an overachiever that makes my own cookie mix, and by overachiever I mean, I do not like to do the extra dishes.  Do you notice those Reese's?  So cool, never seen them like this before.  I struggled with whether or not to buy an entire bag because we all know...I would eat what I didn't use in the cookies, and technically I would be eating those too.  This way they break off into perfectly square pieces.

Mix it up and drop into rounded tablespoons onto wax paper.  I found that I needed each to be this size in order to wrap around the chocolate square.  I should have put them in the freezer for a little bit, but I was excited to get my cookie on.

Take one rounded ball of dough and press the Reese's into it, mashing the dough up the sides.

 Take a second ball of dough and completely  cover and encase the Reese's.  This is why freezing them would have helped, the warmth of my hands and the dough kind of made a mess (totally worth it).

 Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 for about 11-13 min.  
The Result? 
A big banging cookie.
 Trust me when I say, these are dangerous.  When they are hot out of the oven, oh man...back away from your mom because you will slap her (love you mom!).  I only made six because that meant between me, Matt, and our guest we would have to limit ourselves to two and therefore would not be gluttonous slobs.

Nom Nom Nom!
I feel like I have to add this disclaimer:
Yes, I had a band-aid on, you can reference yesterday's post for more information.  Also, I used no glass in the making of these cookies.

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