Sunday, May 30

I lied...

  When I said that strawberries were a sure sign of summer.  I mean I do like strawberries, but even more than that I like, no love, watermelons.  I wait for this time of year more so than any other because I know that fresh ripe watermelons will be in abundance.  The grocery store, the fruit stand, the old farmer's truck on the side of the road, everywhere!

I have no shame when it comes to watermelons.  I will eat just one bite (almost impossible) or the entire thing. Just buy a big one, spend the time cutting it up and you have juicy goodness on demand in your fridge whenever you want.  :)

I prefer seedless of course, but there are time when a seeded watermelon is all you can find.  And I don't discriminate against seeded watermelons, because well...they ARE watermelons after-all.  So I will sit back and relax on the Sunday afternoon and enjoy a bowl of watermelon chucks and talk to my sweet husband on the webcam.  I think he may be the only person that understands my obsession.

Legend has it that one time I tried to offer a cop watermelon to get my husband out of a speeding ticket...yes, I believe that much in it's magic powers. :)

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