Thursday, May 20

Federal Bureau of Investigations: Agent "M" at your service

I have a lot of crazy childhood stories.  I can recall these stories at the drop of hat, it always amazes my husband when I can go into my mental filing cabinet and pull out a story that can only be described as random.  Usually they are embarrassing, but for some reason as the years pass I don't care so much.  I like to think fondly of all of the creative and silly things I did, sometimes by myself, sometimes with a friend.  These stories usually get told to get a laugh out of Matt, I think he loves me more and more every time I reveal a random memory.

Yesterday in particular we were talking about the direction that our lives might go over the next few years, and I was reminded about one particular job aspiration of mine (there were many). So the story begins...

I wanted to be a government agent.  A secret service member guarding The President.  A kick-ass female double agent poised to bring down the nations top criminals.  I was going to be in the FBI.  That's right my friends.  I was officially known as Agent "M", because at the time my last name started with M.  My best friend since childhood Shannon was always gracious enough to play along with me whenever she was sleeping over.  Being an FBI agent is hard work, especially at the age of 11 or 12 and without a driver's license.  Don't worry, we still pretended we had cars...they were just permanently parked in the drive way.  

old cell phone Pictures, Images and PhotosWe would wonder around my parent's house, peeking around corners, interviewing suspicious persons (usually my little brother), getting in and out of our cars,  and making calls on our mobile phones.  Our mobile phones weren't quite as sleek as the kind we have now, they were somewhere in between bag phone and brick.

So another story has been told.  God bless Shannon for staying my friend all of these years and for being such a good sport when it comes to the really dumb things we did.  Matt would tell me, "promise me you won't tell that story to anyone else."

Stay tuned for more embarrassing stories from my childhood, and probably some from my adult life. 

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Jenn said...

Ok well Matt is wrong. Hearing that story makes me like you even more! ;)

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