Thursday, May 27

The Public Library

We have a love hate relationship.
Yes, I love checking out books but I hate returning them.
Every few months I get on a reading kick, I can finish a book in a few days, and honestly that is a habit that gets very expensive when you have to keep buying new books.  So it is at that point I would turn to the library, only I am embarrassed.  If the library could turn you into law enforcement for not returning books, I would unfortunately be a repeat offender on the verge of being behind bars.  It has been several years, yes years since I have entered the hallowed stacks of the Forrest County Public Library.  You see I just knew that I had a monstrous fine, at 10 cents a day for a book, times two books, times 3 can see where I am heading with this.  I psyched my heart up for the large bill they would be serving me with at the desk and walked inside.  I gave the librarian my personal identification and grimaced, waiting for the inevitable, "Sorry mam, you owe us 3000 dollars and we can no longer trust you with my books".  But instead,  a miracle happened.  A bonafide, Jesus was on my side miracle.  They had no history of me in the system.  WHAT?!  Not believing my luck, dumbfounded I asked, "Are you sure? I think I might owe a fine."  Then she explained that if the account goes inactive for a period of time, the books are written off and the account is erased."  Again, the angels sang.

So I am once again I became a proud card caring member of the Forrest/Lamar County Public Library System.  The librarian explained to me that I could check out up to 25 items at a, obviously she didn't know who she was talking to, If I can't manage to return one thing on time, what made her think I could manage to return 25 things.  I almost felt guilty as I wondered around the stacks look for little literary treasures.  And when I took my two books to the checkout I was still waiting for them to change their minds, but they didn't and I walked out the temporary owner of two books to carry me through the next week.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed that I can manage to return these books, I don't think I could bare the guilt of not keeping my word.  I got lucky this time but next time I might not be so fortunate.

So my relationship with the library is on the upswing for now.

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