Thursday, May 13

Georgia on my mind

I made it to GA...but not without a detour, I have officially been to Tatnall County.  Yes I got lost, even with a GPS.  In my defense my friend's address didn't pull up in Sarah as a I affectionately call my GPS.

I am excited about my weekend here even though it is bittersweet.  I have come to say goodbye to my friend Melanie that is PCSing to Germany next month, celebrate with my friends at a "coffee" (we never actually drink coffee), and just get a way from Petal for a while.

I have found that when traveling cross country the best way to go is with a book on tape.  I feel old.  My Mamoo listened to books on tape and she was well on up in her years.  I called the public library and asked, "Do y'all have books on tape?" The librarian replied, "Um no, I think you mean books on CD.  We haven't had books on tape in years."  Again, I feel old, I actually requested a book on tape, do they even make tapes anymore?  My Mamoo would be so proud.

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