Tuesday, May 18

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I got back from GA yesterday.  I had a great trip, well besides the little traffic violation on Friday.  Yesterday was a travel day for me and if you think texting while driving is unsafe, I would bet that blogging while driving in an even worse alternative, so I stayed off the computer and kept my eyes on the road.

Every time I leave GA, I am reminded how much I miss it there.  It isn't even so much the place that I miss but the people.  I have an awesome group of friends that love and take care of each other.  Its funny how a group of people from all walks of life, different personalities, kids and no kids, jobs and no jobs, and all ages can form such great friendships.  I especially thank Jenn L. for opening her home to me this weekend (and trusting her children with me).  I always know that I have a place to stay in GA.

As far as traveling goes...it sucks.  I hate the boring drive from MS to GA, down I-10 esp and back again.  It is particularly depressing when your GPS says, "Next turn in 264 miles".  But I made it.  I usually love road trips, but I also usually have my husband with me to share the burden of the long haul.  I have always wanted to take a cross country road trip in an old van, just stopping at random places we come across.  Maybe one day.

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Jenn said...

Georgia doesn't seem as bright since you left

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