Friday, May 14

Pedal to the 35 mph

What a morning, you know how they say bad things come in threes?  Well they do, at least today they did.
I am staying with a good friend Jenn while I am in GA, she is an aspiring photographer and a good one at that.  Today she was scheduled to be at the recreation area at Ft. Stewart to take photos for her company's fundraiser.  After a few people cancelled their appointments we decided we would leave, go get lunch, and come back.

Bad thing #1:  Her keys were locked in her car.  Uh oh, bad bad Brennan (her 3 year old).  Luckily, since I am staying with her, she gave me her spare house key.  I agreed to rush back and get her spare, and then we could mosey on to lunch.

Bad thing #2:  I was randomly stopped at the back gate for a vehicle inspection. I think they pulled me over because they knew I had an issue to tend too.  It wasn't off to a good start when I couldn't provide current proof of insurance nor was my registration in my, I thought for sure I was going to be towed.  Thankfully the GGG (gracious gate guard) let me slide on that instance.  I was asked if I had any weapons, contraband, or drugs that I wanted to declare before the search began.  "No", I answered.  "Okay, Mam please step over here and wait while we conduct a search of your vehicle."  It was not long before I saw him digging in my console incidently where I had knife (GASP!!)  So then as I sat there on the hot concrete watching them put all of the junk in my trunk on display while I was questioned about the weapon I failed to declare.  "Mrs. Langford, when you get home please remove this from your vehicle."  I got back in my car and sped off, knowing that Jenn was waiting for me.

Bad Thing #3:  Coming back through post to get back to Jenn who at this point I am almost certain was melting in the hot GA sun, I decided to push the pedal to the metal and haul a@@, which on post where the speed limit is 30 mph was a whopping 35 mph.  It wasn't long before I looked up and saw them, the flashing red and blue lights.  "License, Mil Id, insurance, and registration please", said the MP.  Well if you recall from bad thing #2, I didn't have those.  I knew it, I slid by on the inspection but this time I was certainly going to jail.  I started to shed wasn't full out crying, more like tears that sat there on the brim of my eye just waiting fall down my cheek.  It was at this moment that the oh so sweet MP (major penishead) decided to let me know "Don't think that crying is going to get you out of a ticket."  Jerk.  So I got a speeding ticket for going 35 in a 30, I mean God forbid I go faster than the horse and buggy I was sharing the road with .  

Alls well that ends well, I came to the rescue 1 hour later with the keys to Jenn's car.  And now I am going to reward myself with a glass of wine for the day of persecution I had to endure.

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