Wednesday, May 19

I think my dog got fat

I boarded my sweet little baby this weekend and ever since I picked him up on Monday afternoon I can't help but wonder...Did he get fatter?  How could he have changed so much over one weekend.  When I pick him to give him hugs and kisses he feels heavier.  I am perplexed.

When we took away Duece's man-hood in August I was paranoid that with no more testosterone surging through his tiny body that he would start packing on the pounds (at least he wouldn't be worried with impressing the ladies).  I am haunted with images of fat rolly polly beagles with their heads stuck in a trash can trying to get their "fix", just one plate of leftovers a way from a doggie heart attack.  Instead over the last year he has managed to keep the weight off and maintain his slim athletic figure.  So why all of a sudden is he heavier, looking a little thicker through the neck, and has a little more sway to his hips when he walks back and forth from window to door?  Isn't it bad enough that I have to worry about my own weight, do I really need to add my dogs potential obesity problems into the mix?

PhotobucketMaybe I have a distorted view of him since I spent the last weekend cheating on my own sweet little baby with a  smaller baby, a tiny miniture dachshaund named Hermie about 1/4 the size of Duece.  Shh....don't tell Duece. If that is the case, maybe I should spend some time with a Great Dane and then I can come back and love on my perfectly proportioned beagle who as just the right amount of swagger.

And for the record, taking away his ability to produce children has not stopped him from being a ladies man.  If anything, without the potential risk of children, he has become an international pimp of sorts with girlfriends spread across two states.  His daddy is so proud.

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