Friday, May 28

RIP Blowdryer

It is the end of an era.  My blowdryer died yesterday afternoon.  She has been a good and faithful dryer to me for the last six years.  You heard me right, SIX years.  We have been down a long road together, college, trips, marriage, moving, long hair, and short hair.  There have been times in our past that I thought she was going to quit on me, but she managed to pull through it all.  Yesterday was just her time.  Thankfully we had one last opportunity to dry my hair together, she even held out until it was completely dry and didn't leave me with semi-wet hair, bless her little motor.  It was during the final stages of drying that she died, and boy did she go out with a bang.  Explosion and flames to be exact, causing me to throw her across the room.  I made a last ditch attempt to save her, but alas she was gone.
PhotobucketGood bye sweet blowdryer.

So this morning I started on a new journey with my new blowdryer.  The verdict is still out...


Kasey said...

Last spring I lost my hair dryer of 8 years. It is strange how sad that can make you.

I bought a new one and I HATE it. It just isn't the same. :(

Shannon said...

Thats too funny, because mine is one its last leg too. I have mine since high school and she still works. Adam always makes fun of it, because it takes a good minute for it to warm up to full blowing capacity once its on. Any day now for mine as well.

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