Sunday, August 22

What a Saturday!

Busy busy day today.  It was my niece's first birthday, the first Petal football game of the season, and my good friends Kim Napier and Jim Andrew's 50th birthday party tonight to wrap it up.

All three of these "celebrations" had one thing in common, HOT HOT HOT.  I swear, I could have taken 3 showers today and I still wouldn't have been fresh or clean.  It was very special to be there for all of those things.  I learned something at each of these events:

1.  I love my nieces so much, I love being an aunt.  I am really going to miss living close to them when I move back to Georgia.  I always wanted to be the cool aunt and have that friendship with my nieces as they grow older, I hope that even though I might live a few states away that I will always be there for them.
2.  Petal Football is ridiculous, and not in a good way.  The way the town acted today you would have thought that ESPN was coming to film the football game.  I have never seen high school football taken to that level.  It would be one thing if the team were good, but alas they just aren't, they lost tonight 38 to 0.  On the plus side, that means my husband covered the 17 point spread to beat his dad and win 5 bags of corn for hunting (yes it is as redneck as it sounds).  Was the stadium nice?  Of couse.  Was it necessary?  No, it wasn't.
3.  I love stale chips.  All kinds.  After eating some chips that had been sitting out at my niece's party and then some more chips that had been out at the evening birthday party, I just can't deny it anymore, I love them.  Esp, cheetos.  I have even put cheetos in the microwave before for a short time and it just stales them right up.  Thank you humidity for speeding along the process so that I might enjoy my un-crisp, stale chips.

And to wrap up some pictures from the 1st birthday girl's b-day party:
(Avery loved playing in the water)

(Delicious Icing on the birthday cake)
The cake was chocolate, and I don't eat chocolate, but I did taste the icing and it was good.

(Avery on the other hand...)

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