Monday, August 2

Priority Mail / Handle with Care

Two for one Monday, tonight we are going to close don't the night with a guest blog from none other than Duece Langford himself!

We have a package going direct to Iraq, shipped priority!

This isn't any ordinary package...

Is that Duece? I am headed to see my dad...

On my way dad...

Can't wait to play with you in your CHU!

Get your hugs and loves in while you can cause I am pretty sure that mom is gonna miss me.
You can send me back in the same box I came in.

P.S.  Yes some of you may consider this a form of dog torture, but to me this is just another ordinary day doing crazy things with mom.  Want to know for sure, here is some proof.

I am already curled up next to her again.  

We love and miss you dad!

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