Sunday, August 15

Briner Anyone?

Yes please!

I just love having breakfast for dinner.  It is always a good go-to meal when you don't have anything else to cook, or in our case, when the power goes out.  We had a small thunderstorm come through this afternoon and our power went off.  Usually it comes right back on, but after an hour or so with no power, we decided that we would cook Briner (breakfast for dinner).  Pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon are all things that we could make on the gas stove so it sounded like a plan to me. Fortunately the power came back on right before the sun started to go down, but my stomach was still telling me it wanted the sweet and savory combo of pancakes and eggs.  

At the last minute, now that we weren't electrically challenged, my mom suggested waffles.  So in honor of my friend Shannon over at 
Why Not On A Tuesday, we had waffles!  In an effort to be fun and creative I suggested adding food coloring to them, so we did.  Purple in fact.
(purple waffle batter)

I like to think of fun things like this, I hope that one day my future children will appreciate my creativity.  My family is a good sport though, so everyone ate it without questioning me.

It was definitely weird pouring purple batter in to the waffle maker.  It kinda of looked like blueberry batter.  I really like the fact that you could make them virtually any color you wanted.  Pancakes would have also worked the same way.

The Verdict:

The purple kinda looked grey after they were cooked, but you could really see the color when you cut into them.

Yummy in my Tummy.

It would have been fun to cook by candle light, so I will admit was a little disappointed when the power came back on.  My mom had even gotten out her old kerosene lamps.  I love the kerosene lamps.  They are so much more fun than candles.  I can remember these lamps as far back as my memory goes.  They always come out during power outages to keep my family company.  One time when I was little I even dropped on of these lamps on my mom and dad's bed, spilling kerosene all over their mattress, oops.  I was their daughter though so they had to keep me.

Have fun with your food and have a good night!

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Shannon said...

Oh how I heart waffles! Great idea to add food coloring! I think your future kids will dig it as well. All your kids' friends will want to spend the night at your house just to have colored waffles!

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