Friday, August 13

I doubt it

I hate...doubt.  You know, that nagging voice  that says you forgot to do something that could have potentially damaging effects on your life.  Did I lock the door?  Did I close the garage?  Did I leave Duece his water?  Did I turn the iron off?  What if I didn't and it falls over and catches the house on fire?  Is my straightener still on (that little booger gets really hot).

Today it was the oven.  I woke up this morning craving monkey-bread.  Actually I started craving it at some point in the middle of the night (inception anyone?) so when I woke up I got to work.  I decided that I had just enough time to make it before work.  Well, maybe not enough because I was late by 15 min, but when you are bringing breakfast to share everyone kind of over looks that.  We were all sitting down to enjoy when that voice said, "Chelle, did you turn off the oven?"  And that was all she wrote folks.

At that point it didn't matter if I distinctly remembered turning it off or not, I had the doubt.  I hate to trek back out to the hizzy and double check if the oven was on.  Waste of time and life.  Please tell me that it has happened to you.

On another note, I had a totally awesome "date" with Matt today, he made me laugh more than I have laughed in a while.  We have something pretty special.  Okay, gag, I sweet!  Get over it, I can gush every now and then.

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