Thursday, August 5

Fail Day

This blog is dedicated to Shannon Sumrall at Why Not on A Tuesday who is frustrated with me because I haven't blogged in a few days.

Today was my day full of Fail.
My day went something like this...
5 am Fail:
Thursdays are my day off and therefore the day that I get to sleep in, esp now that my summer classes are over, I have nothing to be up for.  Well we have a trainer visiting from Louisville, KY to run the workouts in a program I participate it.  I go on MWF, so I figured that tomorrow morning I would get an opportunity to meet the trainer.  My dad apparently wanted me to go today, and proved that by calling me at 5 am to see if I was going.  "NO", I told him then  rolled back over to go to sleep.  Then after about 3 min, just long enough to back to sleep...he called again.  At that point I was up so I went to work out.  

6:15 Fail:
Workout + New Trainer + Weak Muscles = A very pale Chelle with even weaker muscles.  It is not even 9:15 and I can barely move, and I am expected to be there again in the, we will see about that.

8:30 Fail:
I had an eye exam today

Turns out that I will need glasses, and I am a likely candidate for cataracts in the future.  Doesn't that sound like fun.  Dr. Ted told me that I should pick up some reading glass and get used to using them when I will be reading or sitting in front of the computer for any long length of time.  But that it will probably be 5 to 6 years before I will really really need them. I can't stop worrying about the cataracts.

9:00 Fail

I needed an oil change, I was actually only 1 mile over my 3000 miles when I pulled up.  Since my eye appointment was at Walmart, I decided I would just have my oil changed while I was having my appt.  Well, I got my car back, try to drive off in the parking lot and my car starts stuttering (only way to describe it) and burning smoke.  WHAT?!?!  This can't be happening, I turned around and drove it back to the service center.  Thank goodness the little dimwits at Walmart had just put to much oil in and my car was trying to burn it off, that is what was causing the weird driving and smoke.  So I got my second oil change in 45 min.  I should have some really really clean oil now.  I also got a $25 gift card for my troubles.

Oh hey, are you laughing or feeling sorry for me yet?  Don't there is more to come...

11:00 Fail

I need a new military id card.  Mine expired back in June. About 3 weeks ago I tried to go down to Camp Shelby, a local national guard base, and have a new one made.  I got there but didn't bring the proper paperwork with me.  Sometimes they have the weirdest requirments.  So I went back today with the right I thought.  Nope, Chelle failed and picked up the wrong piece of paper and drove the 30 min down there for nothing!  I was determined to get that card, so I drove back to the house, layed down on the couch for 20 min and rested my poor poor muscles, got the right POA, and drove back.  I was called into the little office, and I was sure she was going to tell me that in addition to my POA, my driver's license, that I was going to need the hair of black cat .  Thankfully I was successful and I left with a new ID that has a much better picture.  

I had a short reprieve from failing because I decided to take a nap, and since I was sleeping nothing really could have gone wrong.

5:30 Fail
I went to Matt's mom and dad's for supper tonight.  It was his sister's 30th birthday and we grilled out.  I decided to take Matt's new truck and show it to his family.  However when I pulled it out of the drive way I noticed that a flock of birds had diarrhea all over the side of it.  I thought I would be nice and take it through the car wash to clean it up.  Please refrain from laughing at me, but during the middle of the wash I got worried that the driver side mirror was going to get hit, so I quickly rolled the window down to turn it in. I am sure you figured, I wasn't quick enough.  I was coated in nasty greasy carwash soap.  The entire left side of my face and body.  

No Matt, by the grace of God it didn't get on the interior of your truck, just me...all over me.  My body shielded your truck, I took one for the team.  

I am all failed out for the day.


Morgan Latiolais said...

Chelle, some days it is just "Epic Fail Day". But your post did have me laughing at the end. I love how you "took one for the team". Bahaha!

Jenn Lawlor said...

Oh my poor Chelle!!! Hoping your weekend is MUCH better!!!!!!! ;)

Shannon said...

First off, thanks for the dedication and shout out!
Second off, sounds like a good day to me, you got a $25 gift card!! bahaha!

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