Wednesday, August 18

Netflix, Oh how you tease me...

I have a love to hate relationship with Netflix.  

Right now I am leaning towards hate, which really sucks for me because that means not only am I not happy but they are still getting my money every month like clockwork.  Okay, maybe hate is a strong word to use, because it does provide me with a source of entertainment.

Why does Chelle have a strong dislike for Netflix at this long queues.  Simple as that.  Everything I have on my queue says, "Long Wait".  I don't want to wait.  Let's see if Netflix can work some of it's DVD magic over the weekend.
I feel like Veruca Salt, the annoying brat from Willy Wonka (the original and best).
She wanted her golden goose egg and I want my Dexter DVD.
I was turned onto the Showtime show Dexter, the world's most moral serial killer, about a year ago.  Thanks to the nice "watch instantly" feature I was able to watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 fairly quickly.  Upon finishing season 3, I immediately checked on season 4 and put it on my queue over 9 months ago in anticipation for it's release date Aug 17, yesterday.  I excitedly woke up to check and see when it would ship to me.  I have been waiting on it for 9 months and now I have a long wait.  What do they call the 9 months I have already been waiting.  Apparently that was just a trial period to make sure I had it in me to wait.
If those queue watchers over at the Netflix headquarters aren't careful, I will not be responsible for what happens to them...

(Thank you Dexter, I will get back with you)

I am pretty close to just breaking down and buying it that way I can watch at my leisure.  I already broke down and bought Gossip Girl because I am sure that i will have a long a$$ wait for that too. Sigh.  I will just stick to getting random movies on my netflix that no one else could possibly interested in watching, like Curly Sue or movies that I am to embarrassed to admit that I want to watch *coughHighSchoolMusicalcough*.  Heck, by the time my DVD's are "available now" I will be able to find them in the 2 for $5 bin at Wal-Mart.  

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