Thursday, August 12

Guess Who

Don't you just love that classic childhood game? 
Guess who.  
Does your guy wear a cap?  Does your guy have funny eyebrows?  Does your person wear glasses?
All are normal questions when playing this game with the ultimate goal of guessing your opponent's character. You know you got mad when you drew one of the peeps with red hair, cause there were only like 5, so all your opponent had to do was say, "Does your person have red hair?"  And BAM, they got to flip down all of the other cards.  It was always such a buzzkill.

I figured that we could play our own little game of Guess Who today!
Who is this?

Take a guess and leave a comment!
This should be easy. :)

Okay, Game Over...y'all weren't too excited to play. 
The cutie is... Matt Langford!!!


Heather said...

Am I allowed to play??

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shannon said...

I love that you removed the "anonymous" comment.....hilarious!

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