Friday, August 6

I am in a peachy mood

Another weekend away from Mississippi, headed to the peach state, so I need my beauty sleep, um I mean rest to drive in the morning.  I am pretty excited about my trip to Hinesville, GA this weekend. The mission is to find a rent house for Matt and I for when he comes home in a couple of months, and for me to move into in Sept.  All of these things mean that we are getting very very close to one of the most fabulous events in a army wife's life....Homecoming!!  Okay, slow your roll Chelle, you aren't quite there yet...

So I am leaving on a 5:30 am train to Georgia with my baby brother in tow.  He was gracious enough to let me drag him along for moral support, fun games on the road (maybe if I can talk him into it), and shared driving time (that is the best part).

I always want to bring back some fresh picked Georgia peaches, and this time I am going to make myself do it!  There is just something so special about stopping and buying them off the back of a farmer's truck.  That means next week I should have some peachy delicious recipe to share with you all!

I can't wait to be a Georgia peach again!

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