Tuesday, August 10

I am not lost

I am not lost, although for a little while yesterday I sure thought I was!  Interstates were made for a reason, because they are the quicker route and usually there are no detours.  So when you and your travel partner decide it would be a good idea to ignore the GPS and take road less traveled, don't be surprised when you end up adding almost 2 hours to your travel time, oy!  However, I made it back from Georgia with my two missions accomplished.

1.  I found a rent house!  (more on that in another blog)
2.  I got my fresh Georgia grown peaches that I wanted.

Today I explored one of the most domestic tasks a woman can tackle...canning fruit.  I made peach preserves!  That was my intention with the peaches the entire time but I was nervous about how they would work out because the recipe was seemingly too simple and I had never canned anything before.  But I doubted it for no reason.  It took me about two hours, but now I have eight beautiful jars of peachy goodness ready to share with everyone (or hog all for myself, I haven't decided).

They were the perfect ripeness for making preserves.

12 chopped peaches leave a very fresh aroma in the kitchen

After boiling them down, adding sugar, and the magic canning powder I put the peaches in their own cute quilted jar.

Boiling the jars left me feeling a little apprehensive.

But about 45 min later as the jars cooled, I could hear them popping to let me know that their peachy goodness was sealed in.
I don't know where my sudden obsession with peaches came from, I guess it stemmed from me wanting to can something coinciding with my trip to Georgia.  I am thinking about using some of the preserve that wouldn't fit into all my jars and spooning it over some vanilla ice cream tonight!

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