Friday, July 2

What is chasing me?

I started running, something I never really had the desire to do.  Sure, in my mind I always kind of thought it would be nice to say I could run a mile, but I didn't have the gumption to make myself do it.  With Matt being in the Army and having to adhere to certain physical standards, one of which requires them to run two miles for a PT test, I have watched him run.  On rare occasions he talked me into lacing up my tennis shoes and going running with him...I never made it that fare, and running "with" him turned into more running "behind" him.  Let's face it, it is easier to run with a partner, at least it is for me, and by the time Matt would take off and leave me in the dust I just had one thing on my mind... "What is the fastest way back to my couch."

With Matt being gone for the past 8  months, I have made some changes in my lifestyle.  I started going to work-out on a regular basis, making healthier food choices (most of the time), and most recently I started running.  I have no grand illusions of being a  long distance runner, it really does not appeal to me at all.  But I do like being able to say, "Hey I ran 2 miles today".  I feel accomplished.  Am I fast?  No, actually quite the opposite.  But speed doesn't matter to me right now, just doing it.

Staying motivated was/is my #1 issue.  I have only been running consistently for two weeks and in that short 14 day span there have been days that I really DO NOT want to run.  My dad suggested registering myself in some sort of race, pay for it, and commit to it...that way I either have to train/run or look stupid in front of a bunch of people on race day.  So I did it.  I signed up to be part of a sprint triathlon relay team.  My dad is doing the swim, my brother is doing the bike, and I am going to tackle the 5K.  That is next weekend, so it has served its purpose in keeping me motivated.

I also like to know that when Matt comes home and he suggests we go run, that I can actually go and run with him.  Before if someone had asked me how far I could run, my answer would have been, "Whats is chasing me?".  Now I can say, "Eh...around 2 miles."

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