Thursday, July 22

Project as promised

Well, project #1 is completed.  I know I have mentioned several times about these "projects" I am going to do, and usually I buy all of the stuff to complete them but um...never actually get around to completing them.  But score one for me because I completed it!  I mentioned several weeks ago going exploring at a local antique mall and about all of the little treasures I found there.
One thing I found was a set of tacky little shutters that you would find at someone's house that likes to decorate in a country theme.  
 (No offense if you have something like this at your house.)
(close up of said shutters)

So, what do you think I am going to do with them....well prepare to be amazed!

It is now, a stylish, pistachio card/memo holder!  I can't wait until I get back to Georgia and can hang this on my kitchen wall to keep up with all of the cute cards/photos we recieve!
(close up of finished product)

Look back for more things to come, now that I finished something it feels good.  I love the euphoria I feel from taking something from trash to treasure.  Now I will just sit here and wait for HGTV to call me and ask me if I would like my own TV show??  Yes please!


MooAtU2 said...

I have a project very similar to this photocopied from a diy project book... I'll get to it someday, haha.

Looks great, love the color!

Chelle said...

It really didn't take a lot of time, I appreciate the comment!

Jenn said...

That is AWESOME chelle!! If you ever find another pair of shutters I would love to pay you to make me a red or a black one
I think you can understand why i would need and love this!!!!! You rock girl and i so wish i could go antiquing with you

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