Friday, July 30

Where in the world is Chelle

I left bright and early this morning for a weekend trip.  I was invited to accompany my dad and a friend on a road trip as they are going to do some training for the Ironman Triathlon they are competing in in August.  I thought about it and realized the route takes me right through the town where my best friend Shannon is now living.  I am going to get dropped off for a fun weekend with her, I will leave all of the triathlon training to someone else.

Can you guess where I am going?

1. Maxwell House Coffee was founded here.
2. Home to the world's longest continuously running live radio show in the world.
3. Known as "The Athens of the South"
4. The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson is found here.

Home of country music!  Maybe if I am lucky I will run into someone on the street this weekend, check back for pictures and updates about my quick trip to Music City.  

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