Tuesday, July 20


I made up my own accronym for something that I dearly love, and Matt also contributed.
Can we say,  Y to the UM, yum!

So I guess you want the story behind this?  Fine.
I love COAS.  What isn't to love?  Friend Chicken, check.  Onions, check.  Pickles, check.  All on a stick, check.  I search all the time for COAS, gas stations and fairs are usually the best places to find such a delicious delicacy.  One time Matt actual teased me with promises of a gas station down the road having chicken on a stick, salivating we pulled in and wouldn't you know it, no COAS, my destiny alluded me.  Today, I had another chance to satisfy my craving.  Driving down the road I passed a gas station/BBQ joint and saw the sign.  In big red and orange letters it read, "Chicken on a Stick $4.49".

I pulled into the parking lot on 2 wheels, with a napkin in my hand wiping the drool off of my mouth.  I patiently stood in line in the sweaty little gas station behind the rest of the hungry lunch crowd.  Finally, time to order.  In the sweetest, yet most anxious voice ever, "Can I have one chicken on a stick please."  As I waiting for her to say sure and hand over that golden stick of goodness all I could hear her say, "Sorry darlin, we didn't make any chicken on a stick today."  WHAT!! Hold up!  Did she just tell him there was no COAS?  I think she did.  But why, they had sausage on a stick...who would choose to cook sausage on a stick over chicken.  Nobody, thats who.

Dissapointed and resolute I dragged myself back out to the car.  When I told Matt how my morning had gone he immediately felt sorry for me, he truly understands my love for it.  So that is where the WEP comes in.  He told me, "Baby, when I come home I will get you a COAS with WEP"  He also knows how much I love pickles.  That is true love right there people.

You bet your bottom dollar I will be going back next week now that I have found a gas station that will serve me what I need, but I will definitely be calling ahead and checking that they can accomodate my taste buds.
Obviously this isn't my photo, but this is the closest thing I could find to show you what COAS looks like.  


Jenn said...

I have never heard of that!! So there's no bone in the chicken right? If not i would love to try that! I love pickles w/chicken. :) That's how I take my chicken sandwiches at BK. lol

Chelle said...

Jenn, It is a stick with boneless chicken pieces, onions, and pickles stacked then dipped in batter and fried. Oh, you would love it. When I get back to GA we will scour trashy gas stations until we find them.

Melinda said...

Chelle - you won't believe it but I've never had one. Tell me which "gas station" it is you found these....I just might go try one.

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