Wednesday, July 14

Wonny the Wabbit

The other day I was talking to Matt and he said, "You want to hear an ironic story?"  Never the one to turn down a good story, I was eager to hear.  "Well, I have a pet rabbit", he told me.  "A rabbit, really?!  That is funny/ironic", was my reply.  You see people, we have a beagle, and a beagle by nature is a rabbit hunting machines.  Beagle are trained to run rabbits all day long and bring them full circle back to their master for the kill (sad I know).  Don't get these beagles confused with our sweet little slightly overweight beagle who can only be described as a couch potato, the only thing he runs are crumbs.  BAHAHA!  But nonetheless, he is a beagle so it is fairly ironic that half a world away his dad has a pet rabbit.

So more about the rabbit...
This is just a testament to the kind heart that my husband really possesses.  This rabbit hangs out around his office from time to time, laying in the sun, sometimes sprawled out in the shade, all around just a big ball of fur.  Matt described him as "huge".  Now in my mind huge means one thing, I have yet to see a picture to see if he is actually as big as I am picturing him.  But rumor has it, he is as big as our dog, which makes the whole situation even funnier.  The best part is that Matt brings him food.  He hides a way little bunny treats (carrots, lettuce, nuts) and brings them back for the rabbit.  I had only one logical course of again when I found all of this out, to name him.  You can't have a pet and not give it a name.

When it comes to naming things, I have a penchant for naming them by the first letter of what they are (Molly Mazda, Janet Jeep, Wanda Waverunner, you get my drift) so my suggestion went down a list of R's for Rabbit and nothing really fit until I got to Ronny.  Isn't that just the cutest name for a rabbit, Ronny.  I think so, or at least I thought so until Matt took it to the next level...thus our (yes I claim him too) desert pet shall be called Wonny, Wonny the Wabbit!  Perfect!

I am supposed to be getting a picture of Wonny.  Matt promised me that the next time he comes out for carrots and nuts it will be time for him to Vogue for the camera.  Until then, this is kinda what I am picturing...very interesting.

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