Thursday, July 15

Sharing with Strangers

So, how much do you share with strangers?  Weird question coming from me because virtually anyone in the world could read this blog.  It doesn't bother me that my friends and family read because they know me, they know my jokes, and how to read the things I say.  There is also a small feeling of anonymity with the blogosphere because it isn't face to face contact.

That brings me to my question. I am taking a class right now about utilizing technology in the classroom.  Today we talked about how to integrate a blog into your classroom, all the ways you could use it, etc...  When the teacher asked if any of us had a blog, without even thinking I raised my hand.  I mean, I do.  But then it hit me, "what have I done, I am fixing to have to share my blog with the entire class".  A wave of panic washed over me when I thought about having to share with a group of strangers my blog, where I recently talked about a giant bunny named Wonny, my Justin Bieber fiasco, and the sweaty pictures of me as I finished my 5K.  I would have been embarrassed, standing there as my classmates were seeing that silly/bloggy side of me.  Thank God that another student actually had a blog they used in the classroom, which was much more relevant to what we were discussing.  Whew, dodged that bullet.

Kind of funny that I put all of this stuff, some serious but mostly not, out there into the universe, but the second I am confronted with sharing it all with a group of strangers I clam up.

Also, a few days ago a swarm of birds made a mess all over my driver side door.  I say a swarm because only a swarm could have done that much damage.  I haven't had the time to clean it off.  I did run my car through the drive thru wash, but it only barely scraped the surface of the mess.  So for now I am driving around with all of the "bird snow" on my car.  I have put it out of my mind until at Sonic this afternoon I could see the look of disdain on the carhop's face when she had to lean over my window to give me my slush.  Maybe I should get that cleaned up this weekend.  If you see me driving around...don't judge.

Thanks for reading!


Michelle said...

I love reading your blog Chelle. You always make me laugh and I like your prespetive on so many things. So please keep blogging! Your blog is GREAT! :)

Chelle said...

Thanks so much!

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