Saturday, July 31

Discovering Nashville

Shannon planned a super fun day for us on my first day in Nashville!  We went to a swanky mall and even though we were misplaced and awkward going in and out of the fancy stores like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Betsy Johnson, it was still fun to go into store that I can't in back in podunk...I mean, MS.
But by far my favorite part of th day was when Shannon took me to Radnor Lake for a hike.  We spent about two hours there hiking some trails.  The scenery was beautiful and surprisingly a pretty nice little workout.  Here are the pictures from our adventure:
(Radnor Lake)

(Shannon and I on the beginning of the hike, notice the absence of sweat)

(These stairways were built into many of the trails)

(I am smiling because finally I am not walking uphill)

Shannon had told me that when her and Adam had been hiking the week before, that they saw twenty deer!  They were supposedly all over the trail, but as we were drawing to the end of our hike, I still had not seen any deer.  Thanks to the basics of hunting education that Matt has giving me over the years, I knew it was probably because it was still to early.  But as our hike came to a close, the sun had started to go down and it was prime time for the creatures of the forest to be moving.  So Shannon didn't like, there really were deer.

(a doe that was right by the trail, she just stood there while I got close enough to take a picture)

The lake was covered with a green algae like film, it really was kind of gross, but to my surprise I looked over and caught these deer out in the middle of the lake eating the algae off the top of the water.  I was so interested because I had never seen deer do something like this before.

(Three deer, and yes that is water they are out in the middle of)

I can't wait to see what Shannon has in store for us today!

P.S. Matt, I really hope you enjoy the pictures of deer I took just for you!

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Morgan Latiolais said...

Just a friendly reminder. Ft.Campbell is only an hour away! ;-P

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