Sunday, July 11

I Tri'd

Almost.  It was more of a 1/3 of a Tri.  I completed my 3.2 miles and I did better than expected.  I ran the entire thing, no walking from this lady.  But to be honest, had I needed to run another 2 feet my two legs would have fallen off, they were on fire.  I ran it in 36 min.  When my brother rode his bike back into the transition area I knew it was time, I had butterflies in my stomach because I was nervous...I wanted to do well.  I put the timing chip on my ankle and away I went.  I had so much adrenaline at the start I ran the first mile in 10 min and 20 seconds.  The next two miles were a little slower clocking in at around 12 minutes or so.  I did not pass anyone, but I sure did get passed by lots of people.  Oh well, you know what?  I did it and that was my goal.  I was tired yesterday, but I think that had more to do with getting up at 3:45 and less to do with the fact that I ran.  I am not even sore today.
Our group before all the fun started.
(Terra, Kristi, Michale, my dad, me, and my brother)

There I go, just getting started

And here I come, looking...sweaty.

And the crowd erupts in cheers...sorta, lol.
Another sweaty shot of myself and my brother.

Will I do it again?  I will tri.  :)

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MooAtU2 said...

Hey, it's Laurie from AWC. Just wanted to say hi since I just started following you.

Congrats on your running accomplishment, you got some great pictures from the event!

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